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Hey, guys, welcome
to my channel.

Under one of my last
photos on Instagram,

you asked me about
how I manage to work

for three consecutive
hours, how I motivate myself.

So this video is about
the simplest rule

out there that has been
working for me for all my life.

If you're interested,
continue watching this video.

How do you like-- ah!
Good sign, right.
As I said, the
rule is super easy.

You need to start acting
within five seconds

after you have a thought of
starting doing something.

And that is, for
example, you have a dream

of starting your own company.
Yes, I need a start a bakery.
The next thing
you're going to do

is you're going to go
Google within five seconds

and Google the bakeries
that around your place

and explore your
competition, or you

want to get
education in the States.

The next thing - you're
going to sit down and research

your universities.
Why within five seconds?
The problem is is that
our body does everything

to prevent our
brain from working,

because when our brain
works, it consumes

25% of our energy.
So the task of our body
is create conditions

where a brain does not
work, because otherwise it

will consume all of the energy.
Have you noticed that before
you start your exam preparation,

before you study,
you think like,

oh my god, my room is so dirty.
I need to clean up, or like,
oh my god, before I start,

I need to order
all of those books

and then wait till
they arrive so I

can use them in my preparation.
This is something
that your brain does.

It creates activities that
do not involve it's work.

But you can change that, right.
And you can change
it by starting

acting within five seconds.
Another thing, how you notice
that all of the professors,

like the majority of
professors of universities,

they're really thin.
And it's because they work
with their brain all the time.

And brain activity can seems
a lot more energy than sport.

So how do you start
acting within five seconds

after you have a thought?
For me, what I do,
I split one big goal

into really easy tasks.
As I said, you want
to start your company,

research your competition first.
You want to get admitted
to a foreign university,

start researching
big universities.

Like split those into small
goals and create a Trello desk.

Trello is a free service
that you can use.

It can go online and create
your own desk-- maybe like five

that I use.
And I use them to split
my goals into small steps

that I can do every day.
Another thing connected
to this rule and that

does not work-- well,
at least, for me,

I know some people say if you
share your goal with everybody,

then you have more
motivation to work on it.

They start completing
their goals

by posting on
Instagram like, hey,

I just decided to
start my company.

just decided to
start my channel.

Watch me, I'm going to
rock it, blah, blah, blah.

I think this is
a wrong approach.

With this action, you're
sending your brain a signal

like I've made my first step
and your brain is like, oh,

congrats, well done.
Let's go watch Netflix.
There is new TV series.
That doesn't work.
That doesn't get
you to your goal.

The second reason
why I don't like this

is that because if you do not
accomplish what you promised,

then people would think you're
a liar or you're a lazy person.

So I just do it.
Another practice that
I implemented my life.

If you need to do something
that you really hate,

like preparing a
report, tell your brain

we're going to work
for 25 minutes only,

and then we're going to
take a five minute break.

And then we're going to
work for 25 minutes again,

and then we're going to
take a five minute break.

Because when you anticipate
an hour of working,

you're going to look for
reasons to not do this job.

But if you really need to do
it, telling your brain that it's

only 25 minutes and then you
go we're going to grab coffee,

we're going to grab
tea, we're going

to listen to music, that
makes it more relaxing.

So try splitting your
workday into 25 minute slots.

I bet you're going
to see the progress.

Like, I saw the
progress immediately

when I started
doing this, when I

started doing this and
applying this rule to tasks

that I hate, hate, hate.
The last two things
that I wanted

to add in this video,
guys, sleep well.

This is super important.
This is so important,
you can't really imagine.

When you wake up
and when you have

like healthy eight
hours of sleep,

you can work on a
completely different level.

There is an area in a brain
that is called cortex.

And it is responsible
for producing

high level results that are
created with your brain.

When you're deprived of sleep,
this part doesn't actually

receive a lot of blood.
And we go down with our needs.
We don't think of
creating a new company.

We just think of sleeping,
getting more sugar, relaxation,

blah, blah, blah.
So sleep well.
This is super important.
And healthy sleep is
much more important

than solving a problem
or watching Netflix.

Sorry, Netflix, I don't me to--
getting a good sleep is
so much better and so

much more important than
finishing your tasks today,

tonight, or watching another
video, or just relaxing.

Just go to bed and sleep.
And the last thing, try to be
within a community of people

who have the same goals, because
together, you just motivate

each other to work harder.
For example, if you want
to learn a language,

you're going to study language,
go to language school.

I hope you guys will get
through a language [INAUDIBLE]

if you do.
And you will be
surrounded by students who

are learning the same language.
And many of them want
to stay in the country

and apply for a
university degree,

I want to move to this
country and get a job,

or if you want to do the
split, go to the gym,

take a class where everybody
tries to do a split.

And you will be
surrounded by other people

with the same goals.
Guys, if you still
watching this video,

please take part in my research.
Write down in comments
below how long do

do you sleep each night.
I actually track my
sleep with a bracelet.

And I would say I sleep on
average five to six hours,

but this means that I spend,
at least, eight hours in bed

just resting, but the deep
sleep is like five to six hours.

Let me know how long do
you sleep each night,

and let's compare our answers.
This was it for today guys.
Thank you so much
for your questions.

If you have more
questions for me,

please feel free to ask
them in the comments

below or on my Instagram.
Don't forget to subscribe.
It's Lingua Marina.
Don't forget to subscribe
to this channel,

and press the bell this way.
You're not going
to miss my videos.

They are an hour twice a week.
I'm trying.
I'm trying.
I'm trying, twice a
week in one live stream.

I'll see you see you
soon. in the next videos.



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