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Hello my friends and welcome
to another Tuesday of tutorial!

I am Leonardo Pereznieto
and today we will do an exercise

to improve drawing.
And that is because the most common
error for beginners, and actually

the most common error, in drawing in general,
is that the drawings look stiff,

and the lines don´t flow
so I will show you the best exercise
I know to remedied this.

So that your drawings looks fluid.
This error that I mentionnated
in many cases comes from making

the lines too tight.
or attempting to do a long line
which is actually a series of short ones.
This may also happen when
attempting to make a curved line

or a circle.
I may exaggerating a little bit
but these type of lines don´t look good

and profesional.
Therefore we should concentrate
in practicing making long, fluid lines.

Do the movements with your whole
arm, not just from the wrist and fingers.

To practice, I recommend drawing
figures with these type of lines.

It doesn´t
really matter what you draw.

I´m just inventing this one as we go.
The important thing is that your
lines are continuos.

They are not broken.
The lines are nice and long.
And let´s add some holes.
One on each side.
But even these ellipses, are
with continuos movements.

And I will shade the holes.
The shading will be with short lines,
but even these are from one end to

the other.
Don´t stop in the middle.
Be decisive!

Let´s mark the cast shadow with
one continuos line...

and then shade it.
With the parallel
lines which is also part of the exercise.

And I will darken the area of the shadow
close to the object.

And we can add some more lines
as if it had an aperture or two,

just to practice making more lines.
All right!
Let´s sketch another one.
Now a big curve here on the top,
as if it were a dome or something.

It really doesn´t matter what you sketch.
The important thing, again,
is that your lines are continuos,

that they are flowing, that you don´t
stop. I mean that you don´t stop

in the middle of a line.
Let´s make some in another direction,
like this… and we can reinforce

the base, sketch the cast shadow,
and fill it in.

Let´s also shade the hole on top.
Like so.
And I´ll sketch something else
over here,

such as a glass
or something like that

with two ellipses, and then the sides...
So simple, but clean.
And just for practice let´s draw
some planes.

One… two… and three.
By doing this, soon you will feel how
your hand starts loosening up.

Now we will draw a shoe... with two
ovals, the end, and then a line for

the overall shape, with an oval on top.
This of course is not a real shoe.
I am making it up as we go,

we are just practicing making continuos
lines, like this.

Now let´s think about a futuristic
vehicle. Very aerodynamic and with

long continuos lines.
Again, this doesn't need to make
a lot of sense, what it is important

is that your lines are fluid, continuos,
clean, not erratic.

Let´s shade the windshield,
add an air intake, a flap or wing over here.

Very good!
Everything with loose, continuos lines.
We can shade this, add something over here…
And maybe we can redesign the
lower part of it.

I´m just playing around to practice
making these smooth lines.

I´ll darken this further.
I think you get the idea.
Let´s just make one final little sketch
over here… of a yacht.

Of course it this important for these
lines, that you hold the pencil or pen

softly, not tight.
And as we mentioned that you
do the movement, with your whole arm.

I recommend doing these
exercises daily for a few minutes

maybe as a warm up before you draw.
And you will very soon, feel
the difference.

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the links are below.

And I will see you,
on Tuesday ;)

Subtitled by Grethel Trejo


The Best Exercise to Improve Your Drawing Skills

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