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  • There is this amazing story at the beginning of the Bible.


  • We have Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.


  • Everything in this garden is great.

    ティム:エデンの園はすべてが素晴らしく、完璧だ。 でも一本の木があって、【神】はアダムとイブに

  • It is exactly is it should be

    「この木からとって食べてはならない。 それは危険で、食べたら必ず死ぬ」と言うんだ。

  • except there is this one tree that they are told by God not to eat from


  • because it is dangerous and it will kill them.

    ティム:そうだよ。すごく簡単なように聞こえる。 でもエデンの園には蛇がいて【神】と違うことを言いだす。

  • So that is it, just avoid this fruit tree and we are fine?


  • Right, it seems pretty simple.


  • But in this garden there is a snake.


  • It starts telling a different story.


  • It says that if you eat of this tree it is not going to kill you.


  • In fact, it is going to make you become like God.

    ジョン:そもそも、なぜエデンの園にことばを話す蛇がいたんだい? だって、こいつ問題じゃないか。

  • Adam and Eve believe the snake and they eat the fruit.


  • Because of this, the goodness of the garden is tragically lost.


  • Evil and death enters into God's good world.

    ただわかるのは、この蛇は【神】に反逆する生き物で 人間が【神】の善を疑い、死への道を進むことを願っているんだ。

  • Now, why is there a talking snake in the garden?


  • I mean, this thing is a problem.

    こいつは悪の根源で 僕らの世界や人生に今でも広がり続けてる。

  • Yeah, it is very strange.

    ジョン:でもまだ希望が残ってる。 このストーリーの中で

  • Even more strange is the fact that the Bible doesn't say why or how this thing even got there.


  • It simply presents the snake as this creature


  • who is in rebellion against God and wants to get other people

    彼はイブの子孫で、その人は現れると 蛇の頭を打ち砕き、悪を根源から打ち壊すんだ。

  • to doubt God's goodness and lead them on a path towards death.


  • So whatever this snake is,


  • it is the source of evil that pervades our world and our lives even still today


  • But there is some hope because right here in the story,

    ティム:そう。とても変わっていて美しい約束だ。 でもこの約束は次のハイライトまで放置される。

  • God makes this really interesting promise to Adam and Eve.


  • That someone is going to come in the future, a son of Eve,

    【神】は、彼の家族を通して、もう一度 善と祝福を全世界のすべての民族に与えると言う。

  • This guy is going to crush the serpent's head and destroy evil at its source.

    この家族の歴史を追っていくと アブラハムのひ孫に、ユダという名の男が出てくる。

  • However, during this battle, the serpent is going to bite this guy's heal.

    ユダに【神】は約束をする。 やがて彼の子孫からある一人の王が出て

  • So it is like mutual destruction?


  • Yes. It is a strange but beautiful promise.


  • It is just left hanging there until the next key moment in the story...

    多くの食物、ワイン、ミルク、ぶどう畑にあふれ すばらしい時がくると。

  • ...when God singles out this guy named Abraham

    ジョン:最初に出てくるユダの家系の王は ダビデ王という名前で

  • and says that through his family goodness and blessing

    彼は英雄だ。もしかしたらかれこそ 蛇の頭を打ち砕く人かもしれない。

  • is going to be restored back to all of the nations in the world

    ティム:でも、やがてダビデも同じ 悪に染まってしまう。

  • As we follow this family we get to one of Abraham's great-grandsons, this guy named Judah.

    他の人間と同じようにね。 彼は蛇の頭を打ち砕かず、全く逆のことをする。

  • He receives a promise that a king is going to come from his line


  • and that the whole world is going to follow this king,

    「この王はやがて彼の子孫から生まれる」と。 でもストーリーを読んでいくと

  • and he is going to bring peace and harmony


  • and there will be lots of food and wine and milk and vineyards.


  • It is going to be awesome!


  • The first king that we meet from the line of Judah is a guy named King David

    ジョン:物事はかなり悪くなりイスラエルは地に落ち バビロンという巨大で悪い帝国の捕囚になってしまう。

  • He is a hero.

    ティム:そう。もう約束を果たすことのできる 王さえいない状態だ。

  • Maybe he is the Snake Crusher.


  • But it turns out that David is infected with the same evil as the rest of humanity.


  • He never crushes the snake.


  • Just the opposite.

    「王」は現れると、悪を打ち破り、エデンの園を再建する と言う約束を民に思い出させるんだ。

  • However, God makes a promise to David that this king is going to eventually come from his line.


  • But as you go on in the story


  • one by one, each generation of his sons are total disappointments.


  • They give in to the snake.


  • They choose evil.

    でも、彼は突然また帰ってくる。 イザヤによると、彼は傷を受け苦しんだから

  • They go after money and sex and power and following other gods.


  • Things get so bad that they run the nation of Israel right into the ground


  • and the big bad empire of Babylon destroys them.


  • So now there are no more kings to even fulfill this promise.

    ティム:そしてだからこそ 新約聖書のイントロは、ある人物の紹介で始まる。

  • So seems like the whole plan is lost.

    ナザレのイエスをね。彼はその辺の男としてではなく その、昔から伝わる特別な約束の人として紹介される。

  • But during these dark days there is these crazy group of guys called prophets.


  • They kept talking about this coming king


  • and reminding us of the promise that he will come, he will defeat evil and restore the garden.


  • Now one specific prophet, Isaiah,

    罪と悪を赦すことによって人々を癒し 人間に影響を与えている悪の力と戦っていくんだ。

  • tells us more about why this king is bitten.


  • Isaiah says that the promised king receives this wound


  • because of humanity's evil, and that it kills him.


  • But then, all of a sudden, he comes back.


  • Isaiah says that is because he suffered this wound that he can now become a source of healing to other people.


  • But the Old Testament ends and the snake crushing king


  • that everyone has been talking about never shows up.

    このストーリーは悲惨な最期で終わるんだ。 もし、次のことが起こらなかったらね。

  • This is why when the New Testament begins it introduces us to Jesus of Nazareth,


  • not as some random guy, but as someone who comes to fulfill these specific ancient promises.

    ジョン:そして、イエス自らが 悪と死に対して力を持つようになったんだ。

  • Yeah, we learn that he is from the line of David, Judah, and Abraham.

    ティム:そう。それで、新約聖書の続きで 語られているメッセージというのが

  • He goes around Israel announcing that the goodness of God's kingdom is here, now.

    このイエスの力を、僕らも持つことができるようになり 僕らも悪に対抗できるようになったというものだ。

  • He begins confronting the affects of evil on people by healing them, by forgiving them of their sins and evil

    ジョン:それでも、死と悪は僕らの世界では 大きな問題として残ってる。

  • Many people are now believing that this is in fact the promised king.


  • Jesus began telling his closest followers


  • that he was going to become king and bring peace

    イエスはその時、やり残したことを完成する。 彼は蛇を完全に打ちのめし、この地球上に

  • by taking the full effect if humanity's evil into himself.


  • That fatal snake bite wound.

  • Exactly. So, it seems like the serpent wins.

  • This story actually would be a tragedy except for what happens next.

  • Jesus rises from the dead.

  • And now Jesus has the power over evil and death for himself.

  • So the rest of the New Testament is then making this claim

  • the Jesus' power over evil and death has now become available

  • to us to begin confronting the effects evil in our own lives.

  • Even still, death and evil are a real problem in our world all around us.

  • So the story of the Bible ends by describing this future day

  • when Jesus comes back and he finishes the job.

  • He destroys the snake once and for all,

  • and he restores the goodness of the garden here on earth.

There is this amazing story at the beginning of the Bible.



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