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Since the 1950s,
the number of people going on holiday has soared.
The global tourism industry is booming.
In 2017, it generated eight trillion dollars
to the economy,
and accounts for 10% of employment worldwide.
Americans used to be the biggest movers in the industry.
Now it's the Chinese.
Last year, more Chinese people traveled
and spent more money doing so
than any other nationality.
As middle classes get wealthier
across emerging market countries,
so too do their travel budgets.
The number of Indian travelers is on the up
with countries such as Jordan, Australia and Israel
making it easier for Indians to get visas.
Although only seven percent of Chinese citizens
own a passport,
by 2030, Chinese trips will account
for around a quarter of international tourism.
Thailand is the top international destination
for Chinese travelers.
Mexico is the number one choice
for residents of the United States,
but Europeans tend to stay in Europe.
Around 90% of nights spent by tourists in the E.U.
are by European residents.
Europe is the most visited continent,
and France, the most visited country in the world.
Tuvalu, the small island nation
in the South Pacific, the least.
This is because it is so far away
from the rest of the world.
Tourism is increasing in most areas in the world except one.
Travel bans on people from Muslim countries,
more visa checks and the stronger dollar
have made the United States
a less attractive destination for visitors.


The changing face of tourism | The Economist

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