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Hello everyone, I'm Shawn.
Today, I'm going to bring you the game play of the Demon Hunter, Valhein
The Legend says that the Demon Hunter, Valhein
is mankind's only hope during the century-long vampire war
He swore in the name of God that he would fight with the dark powers lurking in the shadows
till his very last breath
How can he be a weak hero with such an awesome backstory?
Well, today we'll use the most powerful Demon Hunter to guard the Mid Lane.
This time, I'm going to use
AP set up gear to become an AP Demon Hunter
I'm aiming for InstantKill
This time, I'll be discussing how to skill build and kill
to bring victory to the team
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The Build and Arcana are on the upper right corner
The core gears in this build are Hecate's Diadem and Apocalypse
With these two items, our short term critical damage will be extremely high
In this match, the enemy's Ilumia, Yorn, and Joker
will not be able to handle our critical attacks
I'm trying to clean their jungle after killing their minions
unfortunately, their Max found us
Otherwise, if we were able to steal their Red buff
we would have had an early advantage
00:01:39,340 --> 00:01:41,580
Then we return quickly to the Mid Lane to clear the minions

If we are able to clear the minions faster than the enemies do
we will be able to support our team members
Their guard for Mid Lane is Ilumia. Ilumia is also a hero I like to use
The best thing about her is her Passive Skill
Her Passive Skill is activated by double hit combo and the attack distance can be really far
But if you want to become skilled at using Ilumia, it's really important to depend on your team member
Uh...here our Teemee had his head exposed from the bush
that's why we told him not to eat too much
In the beginning, Ilumia's speed in clearing the minions is slow
also, she doesn't have fast moving skills, so she can't go to other places to support her team members
Like those Mages who don't have fast moving skills, Ilumia
depends on her team members to clear the vision of the map
which is a bit similar to Valhein
But Valhein can stun the enemy and also has a very fast moving speed
Coupled with the skill, Flicker, it's hard for the enemy to catch us
Pay attention to Teemee's position
Here, our Teemee is really brave
but our Murad doesn't have his Passive Skill activated; it's a bit awkward
Uh...without his Passive Skill, he was caught by Mina
and unfortunately, gave the First Blood to the enemy
Here, there are 3 heroes from the enemy in the Mid Lane. But we should
focus on clearing the minions
If we clear the minions, our tower will not be destroyed
Also, notice that our stun skill is continuously used on
their Mina to keep reducing her HP
Unfortunately our Teemee is pulled in by Mina and killed by a series of attack from Ilumia
Here, our Joker came to support us and successfully took Mina's head
Now, we continue to slow down Ilumia
It's too bad that our ULT missed the target. At the same time, their Max
came charging in. We quickly used our Xeniel to recover some HP
After recovering some HP, pull away from the enemy
After quickly clearing the minions, recall to recover HP
Our HP is a bit low
Their Yorn shot us!
Yorn's ULT doesn't hurt much, that's why we don't need to avoid it deliberately
But Yorn's ULT hurts more when the target's HP is lower
If you are using Yorn, you could try aiming it on heroes with low HP
The result might be unexpected
Their Yorn says, "Help me start"
I think they want to start attacking the Abyssal Dragon
Let's clear these minions as fast as we can
Typically, I'll use ULT to clear the minions
But since they are trying to steal the Dragon, I'm going to save it for them
I think Mina is hiding in that bush.
We need to wait for our Murad
Here, we are caught by Mina
Wait for her ULT to finish and then pull back quickly to dodge Yorn's Explosive Arrow
Our Murad didn't come in time, so we have to give up on the Dragon
Currently, it's a 1v3 start and the Dragon's also stolen
It seems like a losing game in the beginning
Um...actually, it's 1v4
The only we can do now is to clear the minions and also, not to walk too far away
It's possible that their Yorn and Mina...
are over there...
Pay attention to Mina's position, if she's coming toward us, just stun her
Remember to adjust the direction of Valhein's second skill to the target before letting go
so that we can stun the target we want to stun
Just like Butterfly's ULT
First, we stun Ilumia, Joker comes in and uses his ULT
then, we use Bullet Storm and finish her off successfully
We cooperated perfectly
Notice that our critical damage, like Joker's, is really high
Because most Valhein players use AD build
so the enemies tend to underestimate the critical damage of Valhein's attack
and don't expect that Valhein can Instant Kill
This is also one of the advantages of AP Valhein
We don't have a clear vision, so we shouldn't walk too far away
In this case, we should make sure we are ready to use Flicker and Curse of Death
Focus on clearing minions without being caught and killed
Here, Teemee helped us clear the vision in the bush, so we could walk a bit forward
Found their Mina's position
By knowing where their Mina is, gives us a better chance to avoid being pulled in
Our Murad attacks their Mina
unfortunately, we didn't manage to break her defense otherwise the damage would be higher
Here, with Valhein's critical attack, we could easily finish them off
but we still have to be careful of the enemies' positions
Don't ever sacrifice yourself to kill an enemy
our lives are also very important
Let's see if Valhein can finish them off
unfortunately, Mina caught us. Well then, we should use our ULT on their Yorn first
Here, their Mina and Yorn only have a bit of HP left
And surprisingly, our Xeniel was in the middle of leaping over, but he cancelled it
I wonder how he cancelled it
I thought that Xeniel's ULT can't be cancelled in mid-flight
Here, our Murad successfully killed their Mina
Pay attention to Yorn's position, stun him, Flicker, Bullet Storm, and finishes him off
520 coins, it's a good deal
It also forces Ilumia to use Flicker
Same as before, take the chance to quickly clear the minions
Here, Yorn says, "I'm going to subscribe to your channel bruh"
Unfortunately I'm the eldest child (since Yorn didn't put comma, "bruh" becomes "your older brother" in Chinese)
Don't you think this year's winter is especially cold? (a lame joke in Chinese = "cold joke")
Well then...
we want to steal the Dragon but our Murad isn't here
Let's see if we can capture their Joker
Here, our Murad is still not coming
and all the enemies have disappeared on the map
We have to pull back
Be careful of where Mina is
Currently, our Flicker is still cooling down, it would hurt a lot if we were caught
Remember that Valhein is a glass canon
our critical and normal attack damages are extremely high
but if we were caught by the enemies, we would shatter into pieces
Again, pay attention to Mina's position
Teemee's position is really helpful, it helps us acquire their Support's position
lowering the threat of their Support
Mina's best part is utilizing her fast moving speed
to pull the enemy in by surprise
If you want to know how to be skilled in Mina, you can find videos of her game play in my channel
Here, our Murad successfully caught their Ilumia and finished her off
It's also a good chance to show you guys Valhein's ULT
Just like its name, Bullet Storm, very lethal
Here, pay attention to our Teemee
"Murad, Teemee, move together"
Because Teemee and Murad is always far from each other so we message them to remind them
If they act together, it'll be very beneficial to the team
Teemee covers Murad while Murad activates his Passive Skill
it'll help Murad unlock his ULT
Here, we move together to see if we can capture their Max
but their Max seems to have noticed us
Then we return to Mid Lane and continue to clear the minions
Our Bottom Lane's minions are almost there
Found their Mina
In this match, our biggest threat is Mina
then their Joker and Max
As long as we are able to avoid being caught, we can attack safely
Two of their heroes are in Bottom Lane, they are probably stealing the Dragon
We should quickly attack them from behind
Here, Teemee is thinking the same thing
Stun their Yorn first, then use ULT
Instant Kill
and pull back
And our Xeniel also leaped toward us
Let's see if we can also finish off their Mina
And send her home
Here, their Max charged toward us, but we have four people
so he cancelled his ULT
Let's go back to the Mid Lane and clear the wave
Here, their Jungler died, so we can invade their jungle
Notice that this is the reason why Jungler should not die
If the Jungler died, the team will have a big disadvantage
Like this monster and Red buff are supposed to be taken by Yorn
This will decrease their development
Steal the Spirit Sentinel first
Here, we finally got Spirit Sentinel's buff
Spirit Sentinel's buff will recovers 2% of HP every second when you are not in battle
Their Joker's rocket canon hurts a lot
Ha...their Yorn also shot me, let's retreat quickly
Here, our HP is really low
Let's try recover some HP using Spirit Sentinel's buff
And we found their Mina
Well, let's just find a safe place and quickly retreat to base
Spirit Sentinel's buff will also increase moving speed, currently, we can move very fast
Return to the battle as quickly as possible
Notice that four of our teammates are near the Mid Lane
Xeniel hasn't cleared the minions on his side
If he leap to another place, the Top Lane may be in danger
Here, our Teemee is caught by Mina, let's help him quickly
An attack from Joker took two bars of our HP
His attack is really high
In this match, we didn't buy Orb of the Magi, because it takes a long time
It needs five minutes to be effective
The HP recovered from it is too little and doesn't benefit Valhein much
Because unlike Lauriel and Tulen, Valhein doesn't need to get close to the enemy
The main purpose of this gear build is to amplify Valhein's attack damage
Pay attention to our Teemee
Here, he's caught by the enemies
Because Teemee still has his invincible skill, we should aid and attack quickly
Here, Xeniel used his ULT
Their Max charged at me
well, we caught him and stun him successfully
Wow, our Passive Skill's damage instantly killed their Joker
We should rush in quickly and stun their Yorn
Now, our moving speed is really fast, Yorn is no match for us
and we successfully finished him off
Here's why Valhein's awesome
High critical and normal damage, and also extremely fast
We can invade their Jungle
Now we have 5 kills, 4 support kill and no death
A very high score
and also turned the table around
Notice that our ULT's damage has come to 3200
In other words, we can just stun the enemy, normal attack, and finish them off using ULT
But of course, for Ilumia, Yorn and Joker only
Here, our cannon can destroy a tower, but we have to reduce their Support's HP first
to prevent her from destroying our cannon
Successfully took down a tower and dodged Ilumia's ULT
00:12:26,840 --> 00:12:30,060
And also killed Mina, really worth it

Here, let's return to base first to recover Mana and HP
Because we have an advantage now, we should take it and end the game quickly
This time point is also the easiest point to be reversed from winning to losing
Here, two of their heroes died
Let's move closer to our teammates
to see if we can capture their remaining heroes
Found their Max
Here, both our Top Lane and Mid Lane minions are in good position
let's try destroying a tower
Let's see if we can push in
Trap them in the Mid Lane to let our teammates destroy Top Lane's tower
Stun Mina and pull back
Mina is still really hard to kill
Successfully destroy their Top Lane tower
Here, we still need to wait for our minions
Our ULT's cool down time is 12.8 seconds
Here, their Ilumia and Yorn are excellent at guarding towers
And we'll save those monsters in the Jungle for Murad to activate his ULT
But...oh, Murad was killed instantly
Because our Jungler died, we have to pull back
Their Max is charging toward me
but he didn't stop us from returning to base
He probably started his ULT just before I used Recall
Here, Ilumia and Yorn are too good at guarding the tower
it's really hard for us to push in
I think we need the Dark Slayer's buff
Well, let's wait for our Murad to resurrect
Here, our teammates have started fighting in the Bottom Lane, let's go and help them
Clear the Mid Lane minions first
Successfully killed their Mina
Let's tell our teammates to gather quickly
Send a message to tell them to attack the Dark Slayer together
Here, we'll show you how to end this kind of deadlock correctly
Of course, when the enemies are trying hard to defend their base
means that they won't be able to steal the Dark Slayer
So, we can kill the Dark Slayer and increase our advantage
Wait for our Jungler
Our Jungler finally arrived, let's start immediately
Notice that Teemee is in defending position
to prevent the enemy from stealing our Dark Slayer
Successfully kills the Dark Slayer
With this, our Mid and Bottom Lane minions are in good position
we will be able to push in to their base from Mid Lane
Remember that this is a game to destroy towers
and to destroy towers, we need minions
Thus, in the second half of the game, minions are extremely important
Let's hide in the bush and see if they will come or make a mistake
If they made a mistake then we can end the game earlier
Here we'll send a message to destroy the towers first
Just keep on attacking the tower
After destroying Top Lane tower, turn to the Mid Lane
Destroy their tower
Our Bottom Lane minions are a bit far, I guess we have to push in from the Mid Lane
Stun their Mina and pull back
Don't let her ULT touch us
Notice that the minions are almost here
With the help of minions, we can destroy their tower, or base, very fast
This is my game play of Valhein
If you haven't subscribed yet, please subscribe, and don't forget to like my video
To be skilled in Valhein is to prevent yourself from being caught
As Valhein, it's really easy become a target for the enemy
But if you can survive the pressure and continue to develop
Valhein's attack damage is extremely high in the second half
Thank you so much for watching
I'm Shawn and see you next time


Arena of Valor

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