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- [Luther] He's not just some observer.
He's an assassin.
- You can't trust anybody outside of this room.
- [Phil] The Mission movies are kind of hit-and-miss
with their villains, so that feels like fertile ground
to make something special.
What role did you have in shaping your character,
working with Chris on that?
- Chris is a great character writer.
He's a great storyteller.
And I think, I hope, I wonder
if because the character changed throughout the filming,
and we started in one place and then it evolved
and adapted, and his influence changed considerably,
that I wonder if, and I hope and I think
it would be wonderful if it was something to do
with his experience working with me and seeing
where he could build from and what he could
build upon, character-wise.
And so, it was an enormously fun experience for me.
And because I trust Chris implicitly,
and he's collaborative as well,
that it became a great experience
and I really, really enjoyed it.
I was excited about this movie anyway.
I was very keen to see it.
I knew that Chris had done an amazing job
in writing it and directing it.
I knew that we had all put our hearts into it
when performing it, but you never quite know
how a movie's going to end up.
Because there's a certain amount of footage,
there's a certain amount of screen time
which will be allowed or workable for a movie,
and this just turned out fantastically well.
There's a real sense of gravitas to this one,
like a weightiness.
There's a psychological component which is different
to any other Mission movie, and the emotional journey
which you go on with all of the characters is real.
And I just, I felt something watching this.
And I thought it was an extraordinary experience.


Henry Cavill Breaks Down August Walker's Development in 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout'

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