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  • what's up guys jeff cavaliere if you've got rounded

  • shoulders you're gonna want to watch this video I'm gonna tell you this we

  • know that it not only aesthetically looks bad but it's also something that's

  • going to set you up for a long term bad prognosis for you and your shoulder

  • health you're going to likely wind up hurting yourself in the gym if you're

  • walking around and/or training with Forli rounded shoulders well who knew

  • the biceps we're gonna be here to rescue you

  • I'm going to show you today how a single curl done with a pair of dumbbells and a

  • wall is going to help you to start getting rid of those Forli rounded

  • shoulders improve your posture and the same time actually build some bigger

  • biceps so what we're talking about is this it's all founded on the fact that

  • with our own anatomy here guys if you look at the elbow when I hold my arm

  • down at my side it doesn't just go straight down my elbow actually goes

  • down from here at the elbow joint and actually radiates or deviates out a

  • little bit to this side out that way and that's actually called the carrying

  • angle of the elbow and the reason why we call it carrying angle is because it

  • assists us when we're trying to carry something at our sides instead of it

  • being straight down on our sides wood everything we were carrying would rub up

  • against our legs and interfere with our ability to walk and carry at the same

  • time but because it deviates a little bit that way we're able to carry

  • something walk and not have it hit our legs and impede our ability to move

  • that's important because if you look at that when I actually curl up where's the

  • dumbbell go it actually goes up and then that way a little bit more okay it falls

  • out side of my shoulder okay what does that do to the shoulder itself it's

  • actually allowing us to get external rotation at the shoulder it's a

  • component motion of being able to get an externally rotated shoulder as opposed

  • to an internally rotated shoulder which is exactly what we have too much of when

  • we have forward rounded shoulders beyond that if we actually contract the biceps

  • fully we have supination and supination means we're going to turn the forearm up

  • and then out which again feeds that even more the supination allows us to get

  • more of an externally rotated position here in the shoulder if I were to take

  • that one step further we know that the biceps actually flex the shoulder

  • forward go that way so if I'm in that super name

  • position elbow bent and my arm is up beyond that point more I'm actually

  • externally rotating even more so if we know that the bicep in its actions feed

  • external rotation as much as it does then why are we not taking advantage of

  • that when we do our bicep training because we know it's another weapon in

  • our arsenal for getting better posture so what we do is we actually use these

  • dumbbells and an exercise I've introduced in the past called the

  • no-money curl but I've now developed a new wrinkle for it to make sure that

  • you're all doing it right because the thing is this if you think you're doing

  • it right you get it wrong you're not really doing the benefit that you're

  • that I'm proposing here that you can get so what you do is you back up into a

  • wall okay it hold your elbows out to the side here like that alright now when you

  • do the exercise and you curl up you're gonna curl and try to hit the wall with

  • the back side of that dumbbell okay so you're down here you're up and hit the

  • back side of the wall what it looks like when you do it two times two arms at a

  • time is this set here curl up and press down up touch down up touch touch what

  • you're doing there and no you're gonna have to drop the weights a little bit

  • from what you're used to is again I'm in here and coming up and I'm externally

  • rotating you can see I'm opening up the chest I'm opening up the shoulders

  • externally rotating strengthening the rotator cuff at the same time that I'm

  • doing all the motions of the biceps so I'm able to build bigger biceps too the

  • fact is this guys if you understand how your muscles prefer to work together you

  • would have noticed this already you would have realized that this is a great

  • exercise to not just always banging away at regular curls or hammer curls or

  • things that actually already internally rotate your arms this is one of those

  • key opportunities to still train the muscle you're trying to train but sneak

  • in almost unnoticed that extra work that helps to help

  • balance out that posture get rid of all this rounded shoulder craft and work

  • towards getting long-term shoulder health at the same time because guys it

  • doesn't matter how big you are if you can't continue to Train it's not going

  • to matter you want to train hard but you want to

  • train smart and athlean-x is all about that regarding this rounded shoulders

  • stuff guys I actually have another video where it addresses some of the tightness

  • is that you develop from having rounded shoulders particularly in the pecs I'll

  • link that in the description below this is what it looks like here but in the

  • meantime if you're looking for a program that lays it all out step-by-step puts

  • the science back in strength guys because all this stuff doesn't matter

  • our Anatomy is step in a certain way because it actually matters we work that

  • into every program we have all over at athlean-x calm and found this video

  • helpful leave your comments and thumbs up below let me know if what I'm going

  • to cover I'll do my best to do that here for you in the days and weeks ahead

  • alright guys see you soon

  • you

what's up guys jeff cavaliere if you've got rounded


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