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  • Big Data -- A seemingly complex term with a simple explanation!

  • So what is it?

  • Put SIMPLY: It's our ability to take MASSIVE amounts of data and derive a STORY from it.

  • Now, this is really cool because a few years ago -- all of this data was mostly gibberish

  • to us.

  • Now we can analyze this data, detect patterns & derive predictions.

  • But the entrance of distributed computing and parallel processing changed all of that!

  • Why does this matter?

  • Well, with Big Data you can predict your customers needs, pain points & future complaints.

  • The implications are HUGE.

  • And can increase profits tremendously!

  • In 2012 Hurricane Frances was on it's way and everyone was preparing.

  • Walmart decided to be smart about it.

  • While most stores were stocking up with items like Flashlights, Walmart stacked its shelves

  • with -- strawberry poptarts.

  • Armed with terabytes of customer history data, Walmart was able wager that out of all it's

  • items -- poptarts would be in most demand.

  • They increased their stockpiles by 7x --- and almost sold out!

  • Then we have Netflix -- who used Big Data to pretty much DESIGN the Success of the popular

  • showHouse of Cards” . They used the massive amounts of data collected over the

  • years to guide the creative direction of the show.

  • So strong was their confidence in the shows success, that they signed off on TWO SEASONS

  • even before the pilot.

  • A100 Million Dollar vote of confidence.

  • So how does any of this matter for your venture?

  • Well Big NAMES aren't the only ones capitalizing on BIG Data.

  • Smaller companies, with small budgets are also capitalizing on Big Data.

  • Targeted Facebook ads are an especially good example of this.

  • When it comes to 'Personal' information -- Facebook's data collection is unmatched.

  • Facebook can predict what users will be interested in purchasing in the coming days, weeks & months.

  • How does it do this?

  • By collecting massive amounts of even the most MINUTE data -- like how long your cursor

  • hovers over a certain link.

  • And with with their most recent acquisition of Oculus -- Facebook will now be able to

  • track & record even how long your LOOK at a certain object!

  • This allows small businesses to cost-effectively target their audience with shocking accuracy!

  • No longer is it a drastic advantage to afford a Super Bowl ad placement.

  • Big Data is changing the landscape

  • of technology and business.

Big Data -- A seemingly complex term with a simple explanation!


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