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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
You probably already know how to tell someone in English that they are doing a good job
by saying, “Good job!”
But when you say, “Good job!” all the time it gets a little bit boring.
So let's look at more ways that you can tell someone that they've done a good job
in English.
Let's imagine that a friend has cooked you a good meal.
You could say:
Good work.
Good work Dave.
That meal was delicious.
You could also say:
That was great.
That was great Dave.
Nice job on the meal.
You could also say:
Not bad.
Not bad Dave.
That meal was really good.
You could also say:
Good stuff.
Good stuff Dave.
That meal was delicious.
Or you could say:
Nice going.
Nice going Dave.
You are a good cook.
Maybe you're helping a child learn to ride a bike.
You could say to give them encouragement:
Way to go.
Way to go John.
Keep pedalling.
Or you could say:
That's it.
That's it John.
Keep your head up.
Or you could say:
That's the way.
That's the way John.
Keep going.
You could also say:
You're getting the hang of it.
You're getting the hang of it John.
Don't fall.
And you could also say:
I knew you could do it.
I knew you could do it John.
Keep going.
But maybe you want to tell someone they are doing a good job really quickly using only
one word.
You could use any of the following words:
Well that is a grand total of 15 different ways to tell someone that they are doing a
good job in English.
So get out there and give someone some positive feedback.
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
Have a great day.


15 Ways to Say

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