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How to Play Go. Go has been played in China for thousands of years, but it wasn't until
it was introduced to Japan 1,200 years ago that it achieved real popularity. You will
need A game board Black and white stones and two players. Step 1. Set the lined, empty
board on a flat surface. Go can be played on a square board marked by any number of
crossing lines. Conventional boards use nine by nine, 13 by 13, or 19 by 19 lined grids.
Step 2. Place a black stone on any intersection of lines on the board. Your opponent will
then place a white stone at a different vacant intersection. It is customary for the more
experienced player to use white stones and for the player using black stones to move
first. Step 3. Take turns placing black and white stones at vacant intersections. Try
to place your stones adjacent to each other on the same vertical or horizontal line. The
object of the game is to surround vacant areas, called points, on the board with your stones.
You can also capture your opponent's stones by completely surrounding them. Stones remain
in place unless captured. Step 4. Continue placing stones until neither you nor your
opponent can capture any more territory, or until you both agree that further play offers
no additional advantages. Step 5. Tally the score. One point is given for each vacant
position within one's own territory, and one point for every stone captured. The player
with the larger amount of territory plus captured stones wins. Did you know Go is the only board
game in which humans can still reliably defeat computers.


How to Play Go

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