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We have a couple Black Hawk helicopters here
from the New Hampshire National Guard Med Services station.
They'll be out here doing a few lifts,
taking up all the cadets in the Wildcat Battalion.
We're at our lab number three, which
is Rotary Wing and Communication Operations.
It's a little bit more extreme than your normal lab.
Well most of my classes are inside-- I'm a Communication
major, and it's mostly just PowerPoints and white boards.
I'm a Business major, so all my classes are inside.
Really the only class I get to go outside with is this.
We're going to be doing a hot offload, which
is when they don't shut down the helicopter rotors completely,
the engines are still running.
A group will do a hot offload, and then another group
will come on instantly.
It's loud as heck when you're getting on.
And the first time you go up you're a little nervous,
you haven't done it before, it's like doing anything
for the first time.
And then, when they're on, they're on for the ride,
checking out some of the terrain from a different view.
You see quintessential New Hampshire on the ground,
but it's nothing like seeing it in the air.
It just makes you really appreciate where you live.
Kind of like being on a roller coaster or a really shaky
plane, maybe.
You have military hardware, you have real military personnel.
All the cadets get a chance to talk with them, too.
A lot of these guys have like 10,000 flight hours,
crazy stuff like that.
They've been in the Army for 20 years, some of them.
Some of these cadets here could someday be flying helicopters
just like this, so it also gives them
a little bit of exposure to Aviation Operations,
and they figure out, oh hey, maybe
flying is something I'd like to do.
Or they get up there and they're like, uh, this isn't for me.
My roommate last year, he enlisted option 40,
which is Airborne Ranger.
That's eventually what I want to do,
so it's kind of cool to get the experience now,
before I get there.
You know, it was a pretty cool experience,
but I think my job is on the ground, and not in the air.
But aviation's for a certain type of person,
I don't think that's me.
There's college students playing soccer, college students
driving by, other people driving by, looking at us, saying,
wow, what are those kids doing?
And it's an experience no one else can really get.


UNH ROTC Blackhawk Lifts

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