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Lane filtering is when a motorcycle rider
moves alongside vehicles that have
either stopped or are moving slowly
less than 30 kilometres per hour.
This is because lane filtering
at high speeds is dangerous and
will increase the risk of having a crash.
You should only lane filter when there
is enough space either side of you, so you
can avoid a crash with other vehicles, and you
can safely merge back into the traffic stream.
If there's not enough space, don't risk it.
Riders should take particular care when
lane filtering in areas where there are pedestrians
and cyclists such as central business districts,
shopping areas and near public transport stops.
Riders should always look out for pedestrians
and cyclists as they are the most vulnerable
road users and can be injured
even in a low-speed crash.
Riders must always stop behind the stop line
at a red traffic light, never in front or over it.
This is to keep you safe because drivers
of heavy vehicles and buses
often find it hard to see motorcyclists.
This is because lane filtering at high speed,
which is called lane splitting, is dangerous
and will not only increase the risk of having
a crash, but also the severity of the crash.
This ensures filtering isn't done around schools
where there may be children on or near the road.
This is to make sure pedestrians on footpaths
remain safe, while also reducing the
risk of a motorcyclist having a crash.
This is because opening doors from
parked vehicles can put riders at risk.
This also aims to make sure that pedestrians
accessing their parked vehicles, and cyclists
who may be riding on the road, remain safe.
Lane filtering can be a complex manoeuvre
to do safely, so only fully licensed riders
who are experienced are allowed to lane filter.


Motorcycle Lane Filtering in New South Wales

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