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  • Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth, and before we start, I want to let you know that this

    Minute Eaethのケイトです はじめにお伝えしておきますが

  • video covers the ins and outs of hyena genitalia, so if that's not something you're keen

    これからハイエナの生殖器を解説するので そういう話題はちょっと...という方は

  • to learn about, you can check out some of our other videos.


  • But from the comments on our recent hyena video, we learned that a lot of people are


  • really curious about what, exactly, is going on with hyena genitalia.


  • And they're not alone - everyone from Aristotle to Hemingway to a host of modern scientists

    実際、アリストテレスやヘミングウェイから 現代の科学者まで、みんな不思議に思ってきました

  • has been interested in why, exactly, female spotted hyenas seem to have penises.

    なぜブチハイエナのメスには ペニスがあるように見えるのでしょう?

  • Females urinate through these 7-inch long phalluses, and they're fully erectile.

    メスは18cmもある''ペニス"から排尿し 勃起もします

  • But since they don't deliver sperm, they aren't actually penises - they're elongated


  • clitorises.


  • Spotted hyenas are the only hyena species to sport these so-called pseudopenises, and

    4種いるハイエナのうち 偽陰茎をもつのはブチハイエナだけ

  • while a few other female mammals have male-like genitalia, the spotted hyena's is the most

    メスがオス的な生殖器をもつ哺乳類は 他にもいくつかいますが

  • male-like by far - complete with a pseudoscrotum.


  • All the female reproductive parts are there, but the entrance is so unwieldy that females

    体内の生殖器官はふつうの哺乳類と同じですが 外部生殖器がとても変わっていて

  • have to mate - and give birth - through what's essentially a penis.


  • Mating via pseudopenis is about as awkward as you might imagine [speak slowly].


  • In order to make sex possible, the female actually has to retract her pseudopenis, so

    メスが偽陰茎を萎縮させないと 交尾ができないので

  • male hyenas can't force females to have sex.


  • And speaking of which, we got a lot of comments about female hyenas forcing sex on males,

    ちなみに、メスがオスを襲うの?というコメントが 多数ありましたが

  • but there just isn't any evidence that this ever happens.


  • Then, there's giving birth, which involves forcing a 4-pound cub through an inch-wide,


  • 23-inch-long birth canal, which is...not easy.

    幅2.5cm、長さ58cmの産道を通るので かなり大変です

  • For first-time moms, somewhere around 60 percent of cubs get stuck in this gauntlet and suffocate


  • before they're even born.


  • And a dead cub stuck in a mom's pseudopenis can be fatal for her, too.

    偽陰茎に胎児が詰まると メスにとっても命に関わります

  • A hyena's pseudopenis actually has to rip for her to give birth successfully, which


  • leaves behind a stretchy patch that does make birth easier the next time.

    癒えた裂け目が伸縮部分になるので 翌年以降は出産が楽になります

  • In our earlier video, we talked about why it sucks to be a male hyena, but there's

    以前の動画では オスハイエナは楽じゃないと言いましたが

  • also a lot that sucks about being a female hyena.


  • So why do they have such incredibly unwieldy genitalia?


  • Is fending off male suitors so critical that pseudopenises evolved as protection?


  • Doubtful - females are dominant enough to keep suitors in check without any help.

    いいえ、メスはオスよりも優位なので 偽陰茎がなくても追い払えます

  • Are female hyenas trying to confuse others into thinking they're males?


  • Probably not - even experienced humans can tell what's pseudo and what's not, and

    これもなさそうです 人間でも慣れれば雌雄の区別はできますし

  • hyenas have lots of other ways of distinguishing females from males.

    ハイエナは匂いなど他の手段でも 雌雄を区別しています

  • So far, we just don't have a convincing explanation for why nature has also given


  • female hyenas the shaft.


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Hi, this is Kate from MinuteEarth, and before we start, I want to let you know that this

Minute Eaethのケイトです はじめにお伝えしておきますが


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