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  • This is Trinity. The healer, the equalizer.


  • Specializing in support, she can provide much needed reinforcements in battle.


  • Trinity's abilities focus on restoration and preservation, rather than destruction.


  • Well of Life highlights and transfers health from its targets to Trinity


  • or any ally who attacks it, providing restoration in the heat of battle.

    Well of Lifeは対象の敵を空中に拘束し その敵を攻撃したプレイヤーのヘルスを回復します

  • Energy Vampire radiates energy to nearby players every few seconds, while causing damage to its target.

    Energy Vampireはターゲットに 時間経過によるダメージを与えつつ

  • Link reduces incoming damage away from Trinity and transfers it to nearby enemies at full strength.


  • Did you call for backup, Tenno? Blessing immediate restores the health and shield of all teammates


  • regardless of their position, with the addition of temporary invulnerability.

    Blessingは分隊全員のヘルスとシールドを即座に全回復し 一時的に無敵状態にします

  • Trinity is an incredible support frame and equipping mods will help to increase her ability to

    いろんなMODを装備しアビリティを強化することで Trinityはいかなる状況でも仲間を支援できます

  • assist her allies in the heat of battle.


  • A duration mod will benefit all of Trinity's abilities and, combined with strength mods,

    さらに威力MODでWell of LifeとEnergy Vampireの回復量を 大幅に増加します

  • Well of Life and Energy Vampire will see marked increases in their health and energy extraction.

    範囲MODを装着することで 支援できる仲間の人数を増やせます

  • Adding a ranged mod to the mix will also increase the area of effectiveness of her healing abilities.

    Trinityは戦場では必須の存在です 彼女は命の恩人となることでしょう

  • Trinity is a must for any high-stakes mission; she'll save your life, Tenno.

This is Trinity. The healer, the equalizer.



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