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  • This is INAROS, the savior, king of the desert.

  • Shrouded in myth, and bound by incredible power.

  • Inaros' abilities draw upon the sands from which he was entombed.

  • Desiccation blasts enemies with a wave of cursed sand

  • blinding and damaging them while also stealing their health.

  • Devour marks your target, trapping it in quicksand.

  • Charging the ability will draw them towards Inaros for devouring.

  • Alternatively, Inaros or his allies can activate the target, transferring a percentage of its health and shields.

  • If the target dies by the hands of Inaros, a sand shadow will spawn to assist him.

  • Sandstorm transforms Inaros into a whirling spiral of sand

  • gathering nearby pickups and throwing enemies away.

  • Enemies previously marked for devour within its radius will drained of shields and health.

  • Curse thy enemy, Tenno, Scarab Swarm is a charged ability

  • converting your health into hardened, scarab armor.

  • Discharge it to inflict a swarm of insects toward your enemies.

  • Any survivors will have their health drained and bestowed upon your allies within radius.

  • While Inaros has no shields, performing finishing kills will restore his health.

  • Likewise, if Inaros is felled in battle, he will return to his sarcophagus.

  • Gazing at an enemy will pull it in closer, draining its health.

  • Enemies damaged within its radius will contribute to his ability to revive.

  • If filled, Inaros may automatically resurrect himself.

  • Adding range and strength mods will benefit all of Inaros' abilities

  • whereas including a duration mod will benefit all but Sandstorm

  • Whether denizens of the sky or the earth, Tenno.

  • The fear of Inaros is within.

This is INAROS, the savior, king of the desert.


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ウォーフレームプロフィール|イナロス (Warframe Profile | Inaros)

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