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This is Chroma. An ancient legend, master of the elements.
Adaptable to any combat scenario, he reigns supreme over the battlefield.
Chroma's abilities adapt to his energy color—drastically modifying their effects.
Spectral Scream exhales deadly elemental breath, foregoing normal weapon use while active.
Elemental Ward surrounds nearby allies with a reflective elemental shield.
Fire gives additional health and adds a flame aura that deals additional damage
Electricity provides additional shields, while storing while storing some incoming damage, discharging upon nearby enemies.
Poison adds a stamina boost, while also providing an aura that has a chance to poison nearby enemies.
Ice applies additional armor, as well as an ice shield that reflects incoming fire—inflicting some damage to enemies.
Vex Armor converts any shield damage taken into an armor increase and any health loss into a limited damage increase
perfect for leading the charge into battle.
Free yourself, Tenno. Effigy sheds Chroma's pelt, which hovers in the air, defending against enemies with elemental attacks.
While active, Chroma will gain speed, but loses a portion of his armor.
All of Chroma's abilities are benefitted by increased strength.
While Spectral Scream and Elemental Ward become more effective with added range.
Duration compliments Elemental Ward and Vex Armor.
When all the land is in ruins, Tenno. Only Chroma will remain.


Warframe Profile | Chroma

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