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  • Hey, my name is Elsa, I am a video editor, an artist and a nomad, living and working out of my 13ft Scamp trailer.

  • I make money on the internet in various different ways including selling wood stickers on my website,

  • creating YouTube videos of my art and travels, painting large scale mural art and custom small scale design work

  • and all of these avenues are made easier with my apple tools.

  • A couple months ago I caved and bought an iPad pro and apple pencil,

  • THANK YOU so much to Collin Ryser for the hook up!

  • and this thing has taken my work quite literally to the next level..


  • In this video I'm going to show you my favorite apps for creativity, drawing and photo editing.

  • Lets check it out!

  • On the first screen I have all my tools and apps that require internet.

  • I almost never use this screen of apps, because this iPad is used for the most part, without internet,

  • which works well actually, as I never become sidetracked by social media when I'm on my iPad.

  • To the right I have my creative screen of apps and I'll go into them one by one.

  • Photo editing comes first.

  • My most used tool thus far has been the Lightroom photo editing app.

  • Lightroom's capabilities are definitely limited on the iPad vs. on my MacBook,

  • but I do find it helpful to edit photos using my apple pencil, drawing on changes to coloring and lighting.

  • The next photo editing app is affinity photo that was JUST sent to me this morning by my OG neighbor Randy

  • (the one who made us that dank brownie a few videos ago)

  • This app is apparently a front running competitor to photoshop and is for the iPad

  • it recently winning Apple's prestigious design award and I can't wait to explore it. Thank you so much, Randy!

  • The next app is Duet. I have it on both my iPad and computer and when connected with a charging cable,

  • I can use my iPad as a dual monitor, which comes in handy when editing videos on my laptop.

  • Next folder is video apps that I've never used before. Anything that requires video work, I do on my MacBook.

  • If you use your mobile devices for video work, what apps do you use?

  • And HERE are the most fun apps I use.

  • We will start with Pigment, a coloring app.

  • I have the free version and have to download my coloring sheets when I have internet

  • but it gives a very life like look to all my colorings

  • and has an awesome feature that allows me to color only one space at a time,

  • so I don't have to go in and erase when you color outside of the lines.

  • The next app is Concepts, recommended to me by my Dad.

  • Thanks dad, love you, say hi to mom :)

  • Concepts is a vector drawing program with all kinds of different writing tools.

  • It allows me to draw freely and then save my images as a vector which can be stretched to ANY size.

  • Only problem is I'm unable to manipulate individual keyframes like I would other vector programs

  • but I've been using a different app for that kind of stuff that I'll show you a little later.

  • Amaziograph is a fun little app for drawing mandalas and kaleidoscopes.

  • I don't use it often, as it's a pretty basic app, but it's fun when I just want to doodle.

  • Then I've got Zen Brush 2, another app gifted to me by a friend. Thank you Alec!

  • It's a SUPER fun app that gives you a very realistic brush feel.

  • It gives you two color options with a few different inka, which I love, as it requires me to create simply

  • without all kinds of different choices.

  • This app always reminds me of my fellow face painters, too.

  • If you know how to use a round brush, you'll understand why.

  • Lastly up here I have a skillshare app that I'm testing out for a while.

  • I paid for a trial of Skillshare when I got my iPad to learn ProCreate

  • and was contacted by them last week to see if I'd be interested in a sponsorship.

  • f I find it useful, I'll come back and tell you guys about it and get you some discounted links to try it yourselves.

  • Here below are my 3 current most used applications on my iPad.

  • First is Procreate.

  • I think everyone that has an iPad has this app.

  • It allows me to draw with dozens of different brushes and I'm easily able to make my own brushes as well.

  • I have been able to draw all kinds of things and different styles

  • and it's definitely enhanced my artistic capabilities and confidence.

  • At the moment, I think this is my favorite app.

  • Next app is Vectornator that Randy ALSO turned me on to

  • as he encourages me on the DAILY to get better at vector art.

  • This App vs. the concepts vector app, allows me to adjust individual anchor points

  • which gives me a lot more freedom when designing stuff.

  • I like it a lot and am practicing with it every day.

  • Lastly I have my books app. This is my most used app.

  • I am reading Sapiens right now by Yuval Harari.

  • I like this app and my apple pencil especially,

  • because it lets me highlight more precisely than i would with my finger.

  • We do not have space for books in the Scamp, so this is a nice alternative

  • and I can have as many as I want.

  • And that's about it. Hope this was informative and gave you some ideas for your own devices.

  • If there's anything in this video you'd like me to touch on more, please let me know

  • and I'll see you in the next video!

Hey, my name is Elsa, I am a video editor, an artist and a nomad, living and working out of my 13ft Scamp trailer.


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