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Hey Guys!
Before we begin, a couple things.
first check out non-360 video That ones more entertaining and gives a closer
look This 360 version is designed to be interactive
and gives you more freedom to look around Second, turn on 2k if you can, it's a consumer
budget 360 camera so don't expect to see FINE details but if you up the quality it
does help I kept the length short so it won't bore
you guys in one area too long, rewind a bit if you want to explore more
Right now we are at the Port Side Bridge Wing We have the remote panel, gyro compass repeater
and a nice sunset at the back or astern We are going at half ahead so the wind isn't
too bad, else we'll get a lot of camera shakes
The two radar antennas are running at the top as you can see, and the funnel is behind
The deck above Bridge is actually called the Compass deck, mariners we call it monkey island
Moving closer, above the door you can see the speed, rate of turn and engine indicators
for pilotage use Behind you'll see fire hydrant and a firebox
Going inside the Bridge right at the door you can see the SART, fire extinguisher
The pantry for coffee and snacks Some ships have microwave but we don't.
We've got an elevator that comes straight up, it's the green door
Moving closer in, we are at the center console Here's the critical navigation equipment
GPS AIS RADAR, Charts, Indicators and Controls, Thrusters Control, Telegraph and Steering
Helm Back there is the deck lights controls and
restroom Up on the shelf are admiralty publications,
some ships have it digitally, we have both digital and physical copies on the ship
Shifting the camera to get a closer look
If I can just get your focus onto me where
I am standing, this thing up top is the whistle and horn, its exactly what trains or trucks
You pull on it and it blast out a loud horn sound
Starboard side is almost identical, just with some fire alarms, general alarms, lights control,
wiper controls, Pumps and Cargo Hold Fan Controls
Back here is the Chart Room, we've got charts
and log books over here
Moving further is our Radio station, MFHF,
Sat C and Sat F, and including our satellite phone
So that's about it Let me know if you like or didn't like this
type of 360 video to complement my 2D videos If you do like it share with your mariner
friends and give this a thumbs up Or let me know any suggestions that could make
a 360 video more interesting.
As always thanks for watching


360 Video - Bridge of the 323m Mega Ship (LG 360 VR CAM)

132 タグ追加 保存
吳易晉 2018 年 8 月 4 日 に公開
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