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  • Today we are going into the duct keel. The keel is at the very bottom and center line of

  • the ship it is a steel structure that supports the framework of the ship

  • so now that we know what a keel is. The duct keel is a tunnel that runs along

  • the keel

  • this tunnel is designed for people to pass through it

  • doing things such as inspection on pipings or alarm gauges

  • so today we're going into the duct keel. First

  • as always we have to put on some safety gear

  • To get into the duct keel. We must go through the engine room to the bottom

  • floor then through a man-hole.

  • Climbing down two stairs and ladders we're now inside the duct.

  • To get across the entire length we use a pulley cart system with wheels and a rope

  • to pull ourselves over. Along the way we do a visual inspection checking the

  • structure for any cracks or rust

  • To our right we can see the ballast lines, fuel lines and other pipelines. The fuel line

  • is the huge pipe with insulation to reduce the heat transfer. The other big

  • one is a balanced line for transferring sea water between tanks. In between the

  • pipings are the expansion joints or flexible couplings

  • the purpose is to coup with the ship's flexing when under heavy seas

  • we have arrived at the forward end. Here we test the bilge water alarm system by

  • pushing this knob with my boots

  • Finished inspecting here and now we're going back to the accommodation

  • :D

  • Some interesting facts, laying down the keel is the first step of shipbuilding

  • everything else is assembled afterwards

  • So when the keel is broken the ship is commonly set to have "broken his back"

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  • Stay tuned for more content and i'll see you next week

Today we are going into the duct keel. The keel is at the very bottom and center line of


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