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Crossing the Atlantic Ocean We encountered some heavy weather
The crossing, as per passage plan will take us a week time
First few days was….
relatively uneventful… as we carefully planned our course to avoid
the low pressures Weather information were updated to us by
the hour so we were prepared Or so we thought…
We completed every checklist Secured every loose item
But …just like any other weather forecast in the world
They are only 50% accurate 50% of the time
The weather worsens as we approach half way point
Sea conditions like this can last for days
The relentless pounding The never ending pitch and roll
These waves are deadly Without a doubt they can wash a person off
So we close all openings on deck and prevent anyone from going outside until the weather
It wasn't physically dangerous to us But it did take a toll on the crew's morale
Through the shrieking noise of steel hull You could sense the fatigue of the ship and
of the crew Resting became difficult as you can't lay
in one spot stationary
For those who never been to the sea
I can only describe it as if living under a 24/7 airplane turbulence
It was shaky
In the end, King Neptune took our firebox,
and a lifebuoy A small price to pay
Stuck inside the accommodation I went deeper Into the under decks
In order to see the ship's flexing
From here the under deck passage runs along
the ship's length So we can get a good grasp of the forces at work
You see even though the ship is built with
thick steel plates and reinforced in almost every direction
The ship still bends and twist Succumbing to the sea
It's no wonder they call force of nature
In rough seas this can happen by the swell
The weather cleared over the next few days And with some long needed rest we were off
to America


Ship In Storm! Bad Weather and Rough Seas in Atlantic Ocean | Life at Sea

93 タグ追加 保存
吳易晉 2018 年 8 月 4 日 に公開
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