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  • Hi, this is Emily, from MinuteEarth.


  • Penguins like the cold - they're built for it, and most live in the cold waters near Antarctica.

    ペンギンは寒いのが好きだ - 彼らはそれのために構築されており、ほとんどは南極近くの冷たい水の中に住んでいます。

  • But over 4000 miles north, in the tropical Galapagos Islands, you can also find penguins,


  • because of something called the Cromwell Current.


  • This cold-water current flows from west to east at about a hundred meters below the ocean surface,


  • until it collides with the underwater part of the Galapagos islands and turns upward towards the surface.


  • The current helps the penguins stay cool, but even more importantly, it helps them eat.


  • That's because it brings together nutrients and sunlight, the key ingredients that make green algae thrive, which allows penguins' food to thrive too.


  • Across most of the ocean, there's a sort of cruel separation between these ingredients, because sunlight only penetrates the top layer of water, while nutrients sink.


  • What's more, because the sun-warmed surface waters are less dense than the colder waters below, the two layers don't easily mix.


  • It takes winds or a current to bring the nutrient-rich waters up to the sunlit surface.


  • So, the ocean is like a salad dressing, where the denser vinegar stays trapped below the oil until you shake it up.


  • Where the ocean doesn't get shaken up, both green algae and the critters that eat it are relatively sparse.


  • But where it mixes, like at the Galapagos Islands, algae and the rest of the food chain can thrive.


  • Of course, penguins are more common in colder climates, partly because icy surface waters mix more readily with cold, nutrient-rich waters below.


  • But the world's cold, northern oceans don't have any penguins, because these flightless birds evolved in the South,


  • and it seems that although changes in climate over time may have helped them migrate northwards, there's simply too much warm, nutrient-poor water between them and the Arctic.


  • In fact, the world's only northern penguins are the Galapagos penguins that live at the tip of Isabela Island, just a hairor a featherabove the equator.


  • I'm not a penguin - I'm Ever, the creative director here at MinuteEarth.


  • Instead of fish, I need the internet to survive, and I have a ton of different accounts on all sorts of different websites.

    しかし、それはガラパゴス諸島、藻類のように、混合する場所 - と食品の残りの部分

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This video was sponsored by Dashlane.


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