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Hey, Fiona, what are you doing here?
I'm preparing for the barbecue party.
Do you hold a barbecue party tonight, too?
No, I don't have any barbecue party.
What is the party for? Is it your birthday?
Are you serious? Or, it's another terrible bad joke.
Well, I don't know. What happens at this time of year?
It's Moon Festival. It's one of the most important festival.
Cool, Moon Festival,
what you guys do? Is anything to eat?
There is something that you must try during the Moon Festival.
What is it? I hope it's not stinky tofu! I hate that stuff!
No, it's not. Don't worry. It's called Moon Cake.
Cool, what's inside?
There are lots of things that can be put inside.
Some are salty, but many are sweet.
It's delicious.
That sounds really nice!
Thank you, Fiona.
So, what else do you do at Moon Festival?
We will also make pomelo hats.
Pomelo hat?
That sounds pretty interesting.
What else?
We will have a barbecue with friends and family,
and we will watch the full moon together.
Why do you guys barbecue?
It's a recent tradition in Taiwan,
but it's what we look forward the most.
Shaun! Shaun! Shaun! Hello, Shaun! Shaun!
Are you listening to me?
Sorry, sorry. I love barbecue so much.
Oh, I mean the Moon Festival.
So, why is the moon so special?
We believe an ancient beauty, Chang-O, lives in the moon for thousands of year.
And, also, an ancient man, Wu Kang, is trying to cut down a tree on the moon.
Really? What? Really? I never knew so many people lived on the moon.
I mean, I start believing NASA when they found the transformer on the moon.
Hey, that's totally different, OK?
Oops, sorry
Do people in Western countries celebrate Moon Festival, too?
Not really, but in North America there is a festival called Thanksgiving. It's quite similar.
It's about giving thanks for what you have and for spending time with family.
It seems the most important thing about these festivals is to spend time with family and celebrating together.
Yeah, that's right, Fiona.
So, can I join your barbecue party tonight?
The barbecue seems really interesting.
Sure. But, please forget your terrible bad jokes and forget the transformers.
OK, no jokes, no transformers, no problem!
All I need is barbecue.
Let's check again what we need at the Moon Festival.
That's right, students, and remember, don't eat too many moon cakes. You'll gain weight.
See you at the party.
See you.


Hess -Moon Festival

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Hess 2018 年 8 月 3 日 に公開
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