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Hi everyone, I'm Lynn.
Thanks for watching my video.
Today, I'm gonna be telling you about how to learn new English vocabulary
and use it in everyday conversation.
This is a very important video.
So keep watching.
A lot of my students are studying the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or other English tests.
And I understand.
They have to learn a lot of new words in a very short period of time.
But let me tell you something
Memorizing vocabulary lists is not a good way to learn English.
The best way - the very best way to learn English is by reading.
Reading anything that you can.
Books in English.
Magazine articles in English.
Even comic books.
Whatever you like - read - and read as much as you can.
This is really going to help you improve your English much more than memorizing long vocabulary lists.
It just doesn't work.
But, the thing is, how can we use this vocabulary in everyday conversation?
The most important thing to do is as soon as you learn a new vocabulary word or even a phrase,
Use it! right away!
Make yourself a note
or something to help you remember to use that in conversation.
Even the same day would be good.
Using the vocabulary right away is going to help you memorize it
and stick in your brain.
And you know what, you might be afraid that you're gonna use it wrong or incorrectly
That's okay.
If you use it wrong or incorrectly - not a problem,
that's part of the learning process.
And using what you read is going to help you memorize the English words a lot faster.
By actively using new vocabulary every day, you're going to really memorize that
and it's gonna help you become a better English speaker much faster.
Memorizing vocabulary lists is not a good way to learn English.
If you don't use the new words, then you won't master pronunciation and you might forget the words.
So remember. Read it and use it.
Thanks for watching.
If you can think of any other useful ways to memorize and use new vocabulary,
let me know in the comments and don't forget to Like and subscribe.
See you next time


リーディングで語彙力がアップ!単語の覚え方 (Reading Improves Your English Vocabulary | Learn English Conversation)

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