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- This is terrifying.
That looks like noodles, it looks like ramen!
(quirky music)
- Hey, you guys.
My name is Hal, I work here at Buzzfeed,
and I spend a lot of my time on Amazon
looking for different products and interesting items.
And last week I was looking through Amazon Japan's website,
and I found a really interesting product
that I think we're gonna test out today.
Okay, so here it is.
I'm on Amazon Japan's website.
I'm looking at the best-sellers lists.
I'm looking at the best sellers in candy toys.
So I didn't know what a candy toy was,
but the best-selling candy toy in Japan
is this product called Poppin' Cookin'
So, it's really intricate.
What they do is they put together all of the little pieces
and it makes this tiny little miniature ramen,
and the ramen is like candy,
which I think is really cool and really interesting.
So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go out into the office,
and I'm gonna snag some of my co-workers
and see if they want to try to attempt
to put together the ramen mix.
- Hey, I'm Eric, and I'm feeling nervous.
- Hi, I'm Tara, and I'm so ready for this.
- I'm DeLisa, and I'm very nervous
because I have no idea what Hal is about to make me do.
- [Hal] So, the number one best-selling candy
in Japan is this ramen-making kit.
How do you feel about that?
- I am so excited because I love ramen.
- Candy ramen.. Well, I'm actually scared of ramen.
- Off the bat, it's so colorful.
- This looks exactly like stove-top ramen.
- It's like party in the front, business in the back.
- Do you have English instructions?
- [Hal] Yeah, actually. - Oh, okay (laughs), good.
- I think I kinda get it, no.
- I feel good, I feel good about this.
Actually, I don't.
I feel like I can't even read the English, I'm too lazy.
Alright, should I go for it?
Should I do this?
- Cut the dumpling mold roundly with the line.
- Ah, I already fucked up, I feel it.
- This is why I hated like kindergarten.
This is what kindergarten was made up of,
like a lot of scissor-cutting.
- Break a candy?
How am I supposed to break a candy?
- Make a little ball out of this, ba-boom.
- This smells so sweet.
- Divide the remaining candy in half
and expand them to the pastry bag's guide.
But like do they have a rolling pin of some sort?
- They say don't play with your food.
Someone was like, ya know what,
I'm gonna make food that you have to play with.
- Place the expanded candies on the dumpling mold
and press them to make recesses.
- Recesses?
- Recess -- recesses.
- Re-cesses, okay, I'm just gonna --
look, English is my second language.
- Oh, they're like little Pop Rocks.
Ew, it's supposed to be meat and peas.
- Oh my god, it tastes like Dr. Pepper.
Ramen is soda flavor, dumpling is soda and cola flavor.
Got it. Got it? Okay.
- Remove from the mold, and done!
You don't even have to cook it.
No deep frying?
- (gasps) Cute.
- This is gonna be so worth the wait, okay.
- Step two, oh god, there's so many steps.
- Pour water up to the line on the side of the tray,
put the soup mix, and mix it well.
Boom, that's my soup bowl, that's some water.
- Alright,
looks like sand.
- I feel really dumb, and it's so upsetting.
- Y'all, I'm not even hungry for some candy anymore.
I'm over it.
- I studied for 12 years in high school.
I went to university, like higher-class education.
- I'm excited to see what the noodles look like.
- Aw, man, I'm so disappointed in myself.
I'm like genuinely upset.
- Oh, what the hell, some chemical (gasps),
some chemical reaction is happening!
- What is noodle about that?
- That smells amazing.
- This is like pee and poopy over here.
- Make a small hole at the corner of the plastic bag
with the pick from the inside to the outside.
- Poke a hole, don't poke a hole!
Poke a hole?
- From the inside to the outside.
That's not English, from the inside to the outside, right.
Oh, from the inside to the outside, that's like
common sense, I understand now.
From the inside to the outside,
it's not that complicated, Eric.
- Aww, little noodles.
- It looks like Dr. Pimple Popper.
- Kinda like popping a pimple.
- This is like those gross pimple popping videos.
- No, I'm not doing the last part.
They got me all the way messed up.
- Next step, press the remaining candy in the mold
and make the Naruto and the egg.
- Naruto and egg?
Oh, is that the name of this thing?
That's a dish, Naruto is not a character.
- Yeah, fuck that Naruto and the egg.
What do I do with the dumpling?
- Oh, it's a side dish.
- Look how beautiful this is.
Is anyone appreciating this?
- [Tara] Honestly, I'm really proud of myself.
- Alright, let's try it.
- Look at that amazing noodle.
(horn music)
- It's so good! Oh my god.
- When you eat ramen, you don't expect it to taste like soda
and I'm just realizing it says soda flavor on top.
- I'm gonna be eating candy ramen breakfast, lunch, dinner.
- Okay, let's talk about it.
So, while I eat my dumpling.
- I actually really enjoyed doing this.
I thought it was super fun.
It's a little messy.
- Would I do this again?
- I could totally see myself just sitting in my room,
all by myself, and making Japanese candy.
Like for days.
- I give it three and a half stars.
- Everything worked like it said it was gonna work.
I didn't make it pretty, but three stars for working
but not tasting so great.
- Out of five stars,
I give this 76 stars.
That's how good it is, that --
can you do that math?
How over five did I go, huh?
That's how good it is.
I can't do that math, but that's how over it is,
76 stars out of five stars.
- [Hal] You went over 71 stars.
- I said 71? Oh, I went over 71 stars.
Oh, that's pretty easy math.
I should have known that.
(horn music)



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