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Band 9 Essay 7
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
At school, children should either be taught
to compete or to cooperate.

Which form of education do you think would
best benefit society?

Describe both sides of the argument and explain
your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge

or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Band 9 Sample Answer:
Educational methods vary around the world.
In some countries, competition is considered
more important, while in other countries,

cooperation is viewed as a more essential

In my opinion, both cooperation and competition
are vital components of a complete education.

Competitiveness is an attribute that is encouraged
in many cultures, and it can be useful in

many ways.
Firstly, a child that learns how to compete
and succeed will have advantages over the

child who shies away from competition.
For example, the child that has competitive
drive and works hard to excel will create

opportunities for himself or herself, and
will be better equipped to handle challenges

and find solutions.
Healthy competition can benefit society by
encouraging individuals to work hard, strive

and succeed.
On the other hand, cooperation is also an
essential skill.

Members of society must be able to cooperate
in order to create successful, peaceful communities.

If individuals work only competitively, without
cooperating, then society will become fragmented.

A good example to illustrate this point is
a sports team; if one individual strives alone

to succeed, his or her task will be more difficult.
But if the team works together towards a common
goal through cooperation, their chances of

winning are better.
For these reasons, cooperation should be taught
in schools to create strong communities and

a cooperative society.
Therefore, it is my opinion that cooperation
and competition are both essential elements

of education and should both be taught in

If education is approached from both angles,
a child might be taught to strive and succeed,

but also to help those around him or her to
do the same, therefore benefiting society

by instilling both a sense of personal satisfaction
but also of helpfulness.

In conclusion, cooperation and competition,
when taught together to young people, will

create a future generation of successful and
considerate citizens.

(309 words)
Band 9 Essay 8
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Fatherhood is equally as important as motherhood.
What is your opinion?
Give reasons for your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge

or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Band 9 Sample Answer:
Both parents play an important role in raising

A well-adjusted child needs nurturing and
guidance from both parents.

Therefore, in my opinion, fatherhood is just
as important as motherhood because fathers

and mothers play different roles in the lives
of children, and both influences are equally

important to the healthy emotional development
of children.

The role of motherhood is often thought of
as the more important parental influence because

the mother is the principal caregiver in the
early stages of a child's life.

It is the mother who nurtures the child physically,
feeds the child and most often forms the first

strong parental bond with the child.
A mother usually offers the child gentle comforts
and constant security in the first few years.

This role is critical in the emotional and
social development of children, as it is these

ties that give a child confidence and security.
The role of fatherhood is often thought of
as a less important one, but in my opinion,

a father's influence is equally important
to that of the mother.

The father often plays the role of provider
and protector.

While these are generalisations, they still
apply to the majority of father/child relationships.

In my own experience, my father taught me
discipline, control, and encouraged me to

work hard.
He was less of a physical presence in my life,
but his influence was strong nonetheless.

I believe it is the combination of both my
parents' influences that helped me become

successful in life.
In conclusion, I believe that fathers and
mothers are equally important in a child's

Ideally, the roles of the two parents will
complement each other and the combination

of both will help children reach their full

(288 words)
Band 9 Essay 9
You should spend 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Smoking in public places should be banned.
Do you agree or disagree?
Give reasons for your answer and include any
relevant examples from your own knowledge

or experience.
Write at least 250 words.
Band 9 Sample Answer:
Smoking in public places has become a widely
disputed issue and many people believe that

all public smoking should be banned.
Others believe that people should have the
right to smoke where and when they choose.

I agree that smoking in public should be banned
because second-hand smoke has been proven

to be just as dangerous as first-hand smoke,
so a smoker is not just risking his or her

own health, but also all others who share
a confined space.

In many countries, people have the freedom
to make their own choices about their lifestyle,

their diet and their daily routines.
Therefore, when they are confronted with new
rules which limit their choices, they object

to the changed laws.
If smoking were banned in public places, people
used to smoking wherever they chose would

feel that they were losing a piece of their

In this case, that restriction is warranted,
however, because by smoking in public places,

they are causing a health risk not just to
themselves, but to everyone around them.

Smoking not only causes health problems for
the smoker, but also for people who breathe

the second-hand smoke.
In fact, second-hand smoke has been proven
to double the risk of lung cancer and emphysema

for non-smokers if they are exposed to smoke
in a confined space over a five-year period.

Therefore, by smoking in public places, smokers
are not just damaging their own health, but

also causing significant risk to those around

In conclusion, I agree that smoking should
be banned in all public places because second-hand

smoke is almost as dangerous as first-hand

People should have the right to maintain their
health when they go to bars and restaurants

and should not be subjected to the health
risks imposed by someone else's habit.

(299 words)


3 Ielts Band 9 Essays Read Out Loud For You - Episode 3 (Essay 7-8-9)

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