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Alright cool, so draw something fun
Whatever you want
Big, small, we'll figure out how to make it work
Just anything
Well I mean,
not anything
My name is Bryan
and my Make A Wish was to make a skin for League of Legends
which ended up being Dark Star Cho'Gath
The reason I chose Cho'Gath for a skin was because
I'm a bit of a Cho'Gath one trick
Just this season,
I've played exclusively Cho'Gath all the way to Diamond 5
I kind of want to give him a better run cycle, you know what I mean?
Yeah, he's kind of clunky
Yeah, it's looking..
Bryan was connected to us through Make A Wish
Make A Wish is a non-profit organization that works to
fulfill the wishes of kids who are facing a critical illness
Our relationship with Make A Wish is that
they reach out to us whenever they receive a request
related to League of Legends or Riot Games
This is the new champion, he's gonna be a blacksmith
He can make weapons in lane, doesn't even have to go back to shop
The original goal per Bryan's request
was just to make him a custom skin that he could use
It would be a skin that was like local to his client
we thought that that would be a really nice souvenir of his visit here
and it would give him something for his champion that he had designed
Yeah, well if you have any cool ideas or if you wanna act something out
Feel free, you know what I mean
Prior to the visit, I worked with Riot by kinda sending a stream of emails
about like the actual development of the skin
Like possible themes, we did a little bit of brainstorming
and then like, I just really liked the theme of space and stuff
And ultimately I decided on proceeding with Dark Star as the skin for him
One cool part of coming up with ideas for the skin
I met with one of the animators and then I kinda like
motioned out how I wanted everything to look so
I think that ultimately translated to
like some of the animations and like the back animation
... black hole to come out of the ground so say he digs, he opens up
He roars and then like as he's roaring like stuff's coming out
and then it just like sucks him in?
Somewhere in like the exchange of emails before the visit
I think somewhere I mentioned like
oh yeah, I'm a pretty big like band and orchestra player
So they were like oh wow we have an in house music theme
So it'd be really cool if you could like bring your stuff
and then we can like play a few compositions, jam out
Since the skins guys are basically putting together a skin for you
we thought we would do like a pseudo log in to go along with the skin
So we're gonna record some stuff today
That was the first time I saw the music so I actually was sight reading it there
So what happened was, first they had me play this music
It was like pretty easy so then they brought out like a second version
That was like more difficult, they wanted to test me first!
And I was like, oh okay
I think that would've been a take, man
That's uh
I gotta say, I gotta say we're pretty impressed
Playing the Dark Star music was really quite cool
and it was kinda challenging but I think we got it in the end
It was a really fun experience
After Bryan left, we started showing the skin around to Rioters,
talking about Bryan's visit, talking about the Make A Wish program
and we got really excited to see how many Rioters become not only inspired
by the skin itself, but by the fact that Bryan designed this skin with us
the idea of actually making the skin for Bryan
but also for all players in honor of Bryan just became the main goal
So what we decided to do next steps were to make the skin
and to take all the proceeds from the skin and donate them to charities
on his behalf
I think it's really rewarding to see Dark Star Cho'Gath come out
because I've been kinda following it since we were first just like coming up
with the very bare designs
Seeing it become a real thing feels so much more rewarding
Seeing my vision come to life is like, wow, I helped make this skin!
And I hope that players out there enjoy this skin
And have as much fun with it as I will


Making Dark Star ChoGath - Behind the Scenes | League of Legends

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