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This is Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.
A fallen god-warrior bound to an ancient weapon, Aatrox is hellbent on bringing total obliteration
upon everyone who crosses his warpath.
He's an unstoppable juggernaut that dishes out massive damage with mid range attacks,
fighting til death… and then some.
Welcome to the Aatrox Champion Spotlight.
Aatrox's passive is Deathbringer Stance.
Every once in a while, Aatrox's next basic attack has increased range and damages the
target for a percentage of their maximum health.
This attack also reduces all healing and shielding on the target for a few seconds.
Deathbringer Stance's cooldown is slightly reduced whenever Aatrox activates an ability,
and additionally when he lands the edge of his Q, The Darkin Blade, on a champion.
Speaking of which, let's talk about his Q: The Darkin Blade.
Aatrox swings his greatsword up to three times.
Each cast increases in damage and impacts a different area of effect.
His Q has a sweet spot.
Precise hits with The Darkin Blade further increase the damage and knock up targets.
On the first cast, the sweet spot is at the very tip;
On the second, it's along the outer edge; And on the final cast, it's the very center,
immediately in front of Aatrox.
Each cast of The Darkin Blade brings the hitbox closer to Aatrox - so keep advancing to go three for three.
Each Q also increases in damage - regardless if you landed the previous one
for about twice as much on the final cast.
That's what I call "Tons of damage".
Aatrox can be a real bastard sword in lane.
The range on his Q lets him poke, punish, and push lane against melee and even midrange foes.
You know what they say - two-handers are better than one.
Aatrox's W is Infernal Chains.
Aatrox smashes the ground, damaging and slowing the first enemy hit.
If it's a champion or large monster, they're chained to the impact area.
If they don't leave the area to break the tether, they're dragged to the center and
take damage again.
If they break free, they'll be insubordinate...
and churlish.
Infernal Chains pulls enemies to the same spot every time.
Use it to tee up a Q for the perfect smackdown.
Aatrox's E is Umbral Dash, which can store up to 2 charges.
Passively, Aatrox heals for a portion of the physical damage he deals.
When activated, he dashes a short distance and gains attack damage for a few seconds.
You can Umbral Dash in combination with his other abilities to reposition,
helping you land abilities like the sweet spot of The Darkin Blade.
Umbral Dash is usually too short, much like the real Dash, to be used for chasing or escaping,
but it's just enough to get you over some walls.
Ta da!
Use Umbral Dash mid-swing to match your opponent's movements and claim more Q hits.
Aatrox's ultimate is World Ender.
Aatrox unleashes his full might, becoming monstrous in size and taking flight on massive wings.
As he transforms, Aatrox fears nearby minions and briefly increases his movement speed.
This speed bonus is reactivated while out of combat.
While transformed, Aatrox's attack damage is increased and he gains a Blood Well that
revives him if he takes lethal damage.
The Blood Well fills up over World Ender's duration, meaning the longer you're transformed,
the more health you'll have upon reviving - as long as you die before you return to
your puny humanoid form.
With World Ender you can really wing it - the extra damage and revive means you can tower
dive with impunity.
When you're far away from the fight, you can ult early to give doom some zoom and arrive
while the party is still going strong.
When you're ready to bring ruin, go big with World Ender.
Once you're in the warzone, lock down lesser warriors with Infernal Chains and make them
cry with a QQQ.
As chaos unfolds, use Umbral Dash and Flash to stay on top of your fodder and treat em
to the sweet spot of your Blade.
Don't bother running from a darkin.
None can escape Xer-wrath.
Thanks for tuning into the Aatrox Champion Spotlight.
Crush these links below or be annihilated.


Aatrox Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

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