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  • This is Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.

  • A fallen god-warrior bound to an ancient weapon, Aatrox is hellbent on bringing total obliteration

  • upon everyone who crosses his warpath.

  • He's an unstoppable juggernaut that dishes out massive damage with mid range attacks,

  • fighting til deathand then some.

  • Welcome to the Aatrox Champion Spotlight.

  • Aatrox's passive is Deathbringer Stance.

  • Every once in a while, Aatrox's next basic attack has increased range and damages the

  • target for a percentage of their maximum health.

  • This attack also reduces all healing and shielding on the target for a few seconds.

  • Deathbringer Stance's cooldown is slightly reduced whenever Aatrox activates an ability,

  • and additionally when he lands the edge of his Q, The Darkin Blade, on a champion.

  • Speaking of which, let's talk about his Q: The Darkin Blade.

  • Aatrox swings his greatsword up to three times.

  • Each cast increases in damage and impacts a different area of effect.

  • His Q has a sweet spot.

  • Precise hits with The Darkin Blade further increase the damage and knock up targets.

  • On the first cast, the sweet spot is at the very tip;

  • On the second, it's along the outer edge; And on the final cast, it's the very center,

  • immediately in front of Aatrox.

  • Each cast of The Darkin Blade brings the hitbox closer to Aatrox - so keep advancing to go three for three.

  • Each Q also increases in damage - regardless if you landed the previous one

  • for about twice as much on the final cast.

  • That's what I call "Tons of damage".

  • Aatrox can be a real bastard sword in lane.

  • The range on his Q lets him poke, punish, and push lane against melee and even midrange foes.

  • You know what they say - two-handers are better than one.

  • Aatrox's W is Infernal Chains.

  • Aatrox smashes the ground, damaging and slowing the first enemy hit.

  • If it's a champion or large monster, they're chained to the impact area.

  • If they don't leave the area to break the tether, they're dragged to the center and

  • take damage again.

  • If they break free, they'll be insubordinate...

  • and churlish.

  • Infernal Chains pulls enemies to the same spot every time.

  • Use it to tee up a Q for the perfect smackdown.

  • Aatrox's E is Umbral Dash, which can store up to 2 charges.

  • Passively, Aatrox heals for a portion of the physical damage he deals.

  • When activated, he dashes a short distance and gains attack damage for a few seconds.

  • You can Umbral Dash in combination with his other abilities to reposition,

  • helping you land abilities like the sweet spot of The Darkin Blade.

  • Umbral Dash is usually too short, much like the real Dash, to be used for chasing or escaping,

  • but it's just enough to get you over some walls.

  • Ta da!

  • Use Umbral Dash mid-swing to match your opponent's movements and claim more Q hits.

  • Aatrox's ultimate is World Ender.

  • Aatrox unleashes his full might, becoming monstrous in size and taking flight on massive wings.

  • As he transforms, Aatrox fears nearby minions and briefly increases his movement speed.

  • This speed bonus is reactivated while out of combat.

  • While transformed, Aatrox's attack damage is increased and he gains a Blood Well that

  • revives him if he takes lethal damage.

  • The Blood Well fills up over World Ender's duration, meaning the longer you're transformed,

  • the more health you'll have upon reviving - as long as you die before you return to

  • your puny humanoid form.

  • With World Ender you can really wing it - the extra damage and revive means you can tower

  • dive with impunity.

  • When you're far away from the fight, you can ult early to give doom some zoom and arrive

  • while the party is still going strong.

  • When you're ready to bring ruin, go big with World Ender.

  • Once you're in the warzone, lock down lesser warriors with Infernal Chains and make them

  • cry with a QQQ.

  • As chaos unfolds, use Umbral Dash and Flash to stay on top of your fodder and treat em

  • to the sweet spot of your Blade.

  • Don't bother running from a darkin.

  • None can escape Xer-wrath.

  • Thanks for tuning into the Aatrox Champion Spotlight.

  • Crush these links below or be annihilated.

This is Aatrox, the Darkin Blade.


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