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  • There is a great power in this world.

  • Ancient and forgotten.

  • It transformed fields of bare stone

  • into wonders of life

  • and magic.

  • It carved mountains,

  • drained oceans,

  • and burned skies.

  • It never faded.

  • It only grew stronger.

  • Hidden away, waiting to be found.

  • The stronger it grows

  • the louder it calls.

  • Others seek to claim this power

  • for strength,

  • balance,

  • control.

  • I was weak then,

  • naive.

  • So I vowed...

  • never again.

  • Few can resist the call of power.

  • Many say I hold too much power.

  • Others say I can't be trusted.

  • Maybe they're right...

  • But the only power I truly have

  • is the strength to let it go.

There is a great power in this world.


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ライズ。コール・オブ・パワー|シネマティック - League of Legends (Ryze: Call of Power | Cinematic - League of Legends)

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