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Today I'm going to talk about a museum that I often visit, which is the War Remnants Museum.
It is located in district 3 in Ho Chi Minh City and attracts half a million visitors every year.
I last visited this museum about a month ago as I was conducting a survey for a project in my history class.
Our group chose the museum because, first, of the convenience of location, but more importantly because of the diverse
historical experience it has to offer.
This museum boasts a series of themed rooms exposing war crimes of the French and American
armies who operated in Vietnam in the past.
Besides the vivid images of the soldiers, there are
artifacts and monuments on display outside and inside of the museum such as artillery,
aircrafts and statues.
But what captured my attention the most is probably pictures and articles of the deleterious effects of Agent Orange
during and after the war,
which results in repercussions such as birth defects and brain damage.
What's even more distressing is that there are still victims of Agent Orange until this very day.
Such poignant war images really remind us of the brutality of the war and
that we should appreciate the sacrifice of our forefathers for our generation and also for the future ones
Public opinion on the museum is polarized however.
Contrary to the positive reviews from both natives and foreigners,
many believe that the museum showcases one-sided representation of history with some distorted facts.
But to me,
regardless of the accuracy of information
this museum provides us insights into Vietnam's history and promotes
patriotism and a sense of responsibility in each individual in Vietnam.
The museum pays tribute to their soldiers who risked their lives for the sake of our nation and
as a citizen, we must continue this legacy and
develop our country into a better society for our future generation.


[IELTS SP2 difficult] Describe a museum that you have visited

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