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  • Hey guys! Jumping right in, this is the first look we will be recreating.

  • Okay, so to get Ariana's perfectly airbrushed skin

  • I am using

  • Revlon's Airbrush effect foundation in the color 'Natural Beige,' and I'll be using a stippling brush to stipple this on, but I also

  • recommend using a Beauty Blender sponge

  • Next I'm using a Bobbi Brown foundation stick in the color 'Beige Three' as a highlighter and concealer.

  • To blend it, use your fingers to pat it down. Do not swipe it!

  • Next I'm taking my contouring palette and chiseling out my cheeks, under my jaw and temples

  • So now I look super oily and gross so I'm going to be using the Photo-Ready powder by Revlon to get an airbrushed matte look

  • So to get Ariana's nose you just want to create a thin nose with contour. If you want a full nose tutorial

  • I do have a nose contouring tutorial on my channel

  • So to get Ariana's exact eye look you

  • do specifically need the Naked 3 palette it is a cheapest way to get her eye makeup and has all the shades that you need

  • so for the eyes

  • I'm going to start by using a maroon color from the Jupiter's Ascending Palette and

  • Applying a very thin coat on the lid all the way up to my brow bone

  • All right, so in the naked palette you're going to need the color 'Buzz'

  • and you're just going to apply that all over your lid only

  • next take the color 'Dust' which is the star of the entire look and apply it directly on top of that last color and be

  • sure to pat it down because you want it to be as opaque as possible

  • So to add the dimension Ari has, take 'Nooner' and gently apply it into your crease. Make sure to leave no harsh lines.

  • and

  • To make sure that there aren't any harsh lines take the color 'Limit'

  • which is just a white and blend it over the colors on your brow bone-

  • Okay, so going back to my other palette

  • I'm going to be taking this highlighting color to line my lower lash line in tear duct it is very important that you do this

  • Because this is why Ari's eyes look super luminous in the video.

  • Next I'm actually taking a black gel eyeliner to line my upper lash line into a basic wing

  • Ari did not use liquid so be sure to stay away from that. You want to keep the look as soft as hers

  • Okay, so Ari used a brown eyeliner to line her waterline so that is what I'm going to do

  • But be sure not to put any eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes because she doesn't have any

  • Lastly, I'm just connecting the outer corners together and then sharpening my wing with a concealer.

  • So Ari had these beautiful fanned out lashes, so I'm going to be taking our Ardell's curvy lashes and applying these on all right

  • So the very last step is to just take your mascara and apply only to the top lashes not the bottom.

  • Moving on to the lips, I'm redefining my lip shape with a nude color from Elizabeth Arden

  • Then I'm taking 'Shy' by NYX and applying that on top.

  • Now to give it that slight pink undertone. I'm going to be using the color 'Audrey' also by NYX.

  • and lastly take the NYX butter gloss in 'Fortune Cookie' for that wet paint look ArI's lips have

  • Okay, so the hair is rather simple. It is just a basic half-up half-down

  • You just want to be sure that this line goes diagonally

  • up from your eye line and make sure that your ponytail is aligned directly with your side part.

  • Oh and be sure to use two hair ties for maximum security and bobby pin or glue down your hair line by the way

  • Bye the way this is a lace front wave with internal clips which prevent slipping from , so I'll link this exact one down below

  • Alright, so this is the first finished look

  • Moving on to focus video look number two

  • This look is extremely simple. In the Jupiter's Palette there is one eye shadow

  • that has all the tones you need all in one bar. Which is so awesome

  • So you're going to just apply that all over your entire eyelid and crease and your eye shadow is literally done

  • okay, so Ari had these awesome cat eyes for this so I'm going to be adding black liner into the inner corners and then into

  • my waterline.

  • To do the cat eye tearduct as neat as possible use an ultra-thin liquid liner or pencil and extend past your tear duct lines

  • Okay, so for this lip I'm going to be using a prune lip liner.

  • This lip is kind of like an ombre, so make the line thick and dark.

  • Next you're going to take baby pink lip liner and fill in the rest of the spots

  • Now to blend those two colors together and kind of tone down the pink tones

  • I'm going to be taking the NYX 'Shy' and apply it on top of that.

  • And lastly you're gonna pat down a little bit of brown eyeshadow to give it that purpley 'U' that she has and you're done!

  • So I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial

  • It was definitely challenging and very very fun to make. If you guys have any character or celebrity requests that you want me to recreate?

  • Leave your comments down below, but if not I will see you guys in the next video!

Hey guys! Jumping right in, this is the first look we will be recreating.


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