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[music playing]
You're single right now, right?
Are you on dating websites?
I'm actually not single right now--
Oh, you're not.
--but I went through like a whole--
no, I'm in a relationship.
Oh, good.
I went through this whole thing.
When I was on your show last, I was talking about it.
I'm kind of done with, like, dating people in the public.
It just-- it never ends well, especially for me.
So you're in a relationship.
I was told you were not.
So we're not going to play the game.
We were going to play who'd you rather.
But that's not fair to the person you're with.
So that's a rude thing to--
oh, now you want to play.
Well, I don't know how fair it would be.
I think-- she's a cool girl.
She'd understand.
Oh, then we'll play.
All right, yeah, good.
That's funny.
All right.
So I'm gonna show you two pictures,
and you're gonna say who'd you rather.
And we'll narrow it down.
And maybe this person's in here.
We have no idea who you're with.
OK, let's show the first two.
All right, who'd you rather?
Lorde, Demi Lovato?
Rather what, sing a song?
Now, don't--
Ellen, you have to be more specific.
You know the game.
Who'd you rather--
--be with.
OK, well I will say, when I wasn't seeing somebody--
This is only an hour show, and you can't--
--Demi and I did this New Year's Eve thing.
And then she touched my arm in a certain way.
So I feel like her and I had a special connection.
I approve of that.
I love Demi.
All right, Demi or Nicki Minaj.
I have a feeling if you don't say Nicki,
she'll write a nasty song about you.
So you almost have to say Nicki.
So because of that, I'm going to say Nicki, because I don't want
a mean song written about me.
And I love Nicki.
She's my friend.
But she-- OK.
Emma Stone.
Is it weird that I don't know what she's been in?
I know she's a very famous actress.
It's so easy for them to turn on you.
It really is, I'm telling you.
I know. Protect me.
Well right now, she's in "Battle of the Sexes."
- Wait, no, no-- - She was in "La La Land."
- She was in "La La Land." - Yes.
- That's what I wanted to say. - Yeah.
Saw that.
- I saw that movie. - Right.
I saw it too.
Are you going to stick with Nicki?
I'm going to stick with Nicki--
--because I feel--
Obviously, because you don't know--
She would have forgiven me by now, and we would've been cool.
Taylor Swift?
The new one.
The old one's dead.
[laughter and applause]
And I do admire Taylor's songwriting.
We're switching to Taylor.
We're switching to Taylor.
Oh, Rihanna.
- Mm. - Sorry.
That was fast. That wasn't even a thought.
Girl who I'm seeing that I'm not going to name,
I'm very sorry for this.
But you'll understand, you're a cool girl.
Ooh, Ariana Grande.
Her voice is very, very, very sexy.
Beautiful voice.
I'm with Rihanna now.
Sorry, girl that I'm seeing.
All right.
So you are now--
[cheering and applause]
--that's your choice.
So what news outlets are we going to go to to, um,
share the good news?
Well, it's out now.
Everyone knows that you're with her.
Charlie Puth is with Rihanna.
Is with Rihanna.
[music playing]


Charlie Puth Plays Who'd You Rather?

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