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  • Alright guys the circle's coming in let's pick up the pace.

  • Don't forget to un-equip your weapons

  • Oh yeah we're all good

  • What the hell! Why are you guys running so much faster than me?

  • Seriously?

  • Yeah seriously!

  • Are you sure? It could just be your imagination Ben

  • No no I was running ahead and then you guys overtook me. I don't get it I mean I un-equiped my weapons

  • Huh that's real weird

  • Yeah that doesn't make any sense to me or any of us

  • And you can still move right?

  • Yes Rowan I can still move obviously

  • It'll probably just sort itself out then

  • Yeah we should probably just keep going aye

  • Yeah yeah. Have you had an energy drink?

  • Ah maybe that's what it is! I'll have an energy drink

  • Nope still not working

  • Hey guys I don't have long, the blue's on it's way in

  • But I just wanna say thank you to PUBG Corp for sponsoring this video

  • And also the first official esports tournament for PUBG the PGI is coming up very soon! There's links in the description

  • Oh and subscribe please

  • (that side)

  • That side apparently. Okay see ya

Alright guys the circle's coming in let's pick up the pace.


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