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Incredible! I am gobsmacked!
A million subscribers!
I don't even know how many people that is,
what does that even look like?
Thank you,
thank you to each and every one of you
who has clicked on that little red subscribe button
down there and joined me every week
to practise English.
With all of your support, I will be here
making lessons for you for a long, long time to come.
So we need to celebrate, right?
I've got a super special video lined up for you today.
I wanted to celebrate with you, of course,
and some of my very special friends.
Friends that you might already know.
They are all English teachers on Youtube
and I'm so excited that they are here celebrating with us
because I get to introduce you to them
just in case you haven't met them already.
What I love most about them is that they are all
really unique individuals and they bring their own
teaching style to their English lessons here on YouTube.
It's impossible to get bored learning English online
because there are so many amazing, entertaining,
talented teachers here.
And they all work so hard to share their knowledge
and their experience with you for free.
So while we are celebrating 1 million subscribers
here at mmmEnglish, we are also celebrating
the amazing opportunity that YouTube and the internet
has provided for all of us to learn
whenever we want, wherever we want,
with whoever we want.
So who is here celebrating with us?
Listen carefully because they've all got
a very important piece of advice for you.
Hello I'm Emma from mmEnglish!
Just kidding, I'm Vanessa
from The Speak English with Vanessa YouTube channel!
Congratulations Emma on 1 million subscribers!
Your lessons have touched so many lives
around the world.
Thank you I love the way you teach English.
Thank you, your video helps me a lot and so many more!
1 million!
In fact, if all of your subscribers were in the same place
at the same time, they would fill the world's
largest stadium, six times!
I'd like to share one English tip with your
special 1 million subscribers, it's a little challenge!
Every time that you watch an English lesson on Youtube,
I challenge you to write a comment using
what you learned, every time.
Because you know that repetition is key,
start repeating right away!
Did you learn a phrasal verb? Use it in the comments!
Did you learn how to pronounce an expression?
Write a sentence in the comments
and then read it out loud!
The good news is that you can complete this challenge
right now in the comments below this video.
Congratulate Emma
and tell her that you love what she does!
Congratulations Emma on 1 million, you deserve it!
Hello it is Lucy from English with Lucy!
A massive congratulations to my dear friend Emma
who has just hit a million subscribers.
I'm so proud of her! 1 million students!
When I met Emma, I think we both
had around 40,000 subscribers.
Emma was in London and we filmed a video together
and we just had the best time.
She is such a funny, lovely person
and we've been in contact ever since.
My piece of advice, well it actually
relates a little bit to Emma and her channel,
I get a lot of students say "I want to learn British English"
so I'm only going to listen to British people"
You need to listen to as many different accents
as possible.
There are so many accents to be found on YouTube
not forgetting this beautiful Australian accent
right here on this channel.
I don't mean me, I mean Emma.
So try and listen to as many different ones as you can
and your ears and your brain will get used to
understanding all of the variations in pronunciation
across all the English-speaking countries,
all of the English accents
everywhere all across the world.
That's my tip!
Hi, I'm Vicki and I'm British
and I'm Jenny and I'm American,
together we're Simple English videos.
On our channel, we teach American English
and British English and we have jokes
and lots of conversations so you can see
English in action. And lots of jokes.
We're big fans of mmmEnglish
and we're so thrilled that you've got
a million subscribers Emma!
Congratulations, you totally deserve it!
It's wonderful that so many students
can learn with you online.
Do we have a tip for people learning online?
Yes, a little and often.
What do you mean?
Well, there's a lot of research about how to be
successful when you're learning English.
It doesn't matter how intelligent you are
or how old you are,
the important thing is regular practice.
So practise on YouTube every day?
Yes 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there
so a little and often.
And Emma thank you for all you do.
Hello everyone my name is Anna
from English Like a Native.
I just want to say a huge congratulations to
Emma from mmmEnglish.
It's such a fantastic milestone for you to reach 1 million!
Well done!
My top tip for learning English online
is repetition, repetition, repetition.
We all know that by repeating a lesson,
it helps to put it into our long-term memory
so we retain all that fantastic information.
Now the great thing about YouTube,
is it gives you the option to create playlists.
Most people don't use that feature
but you definitely should.
If you find a lesson is particularly good
and you like it a lot
or you find the lesson it is a little bit difficult to grasp
and you know that you have to go back
to watch it a few more times, add it to a playlist
and then you'll always remember
how to find those lessons.
Best of luck!
Hi I'm Rachel of Rachel's English
and congratulations to you Emma on reaching
1 million subscribers.
Look out, the gold play button is heavy and I've already
dropped mine and cracked it.
My advice to students studying English online is
when you find a few teachers that you really like,
follow them. Subscribe on YouTube,
follow them on Facebook,
even better if they have a mailing list, subscribe,
it's their direct line of communication to you
and they want to teach you.
It's so much better than just watching random videos.
When you really follow a teacher, you can start to know
the path that you should be on.
The sequence that you should watch the videos
to get the most benefit.
Also don't be afraid to comment on videos,
answer other people's questions and ask questions.
When you start to engage in the community,
it makes you feel like you're part of something bigger
and that can be really motivating.
When you really follow a teacher and engage
in that community, it can help online learning feel
less random and it can give you more structure.
Hi everyone I'm Jennifer from English with Jennifer.
You may also know me as Jennifer ESL.
I want to take this opportunity to say Emma,
congratulations on reaching 1 million subscribers!
It's an amazing accomplishment
and I'm not surprised at all because you came on
YouTube as a breath of fresh air.
You're lovely and skillful
and I know that mmmEnglish will continue to grow
and reach many more learners around the world.
As for all you English language learners watching,
here's some advice.
Remember to set realistic goals and don't fear mistakes
as you take steps towards reaching those goals.
Mistakes are learning opportunities.
For example, after having a difficult conversation
replay it in your head.
When you have time to think clearly and calmly,
change your words to what you should have said
or could have said,
you'll be better prepared next time.
Hi everybody! So we are Love English!
I'm Leila, I'm Sabra and we're coming to you from
That's right. Yes, England. Great Britain,
the country of rain, scones and beer.
So we are British University English teachers
and we teach English as a foreign language.
We would love you to come and watch our channel,
we have videos about pronunciation, grammar,
lots of things like that.
So our top tip for learning English is
love it, enjoy it!
That's right guys. Make learning English
an enjoyable experience.
So let's face it, you're going to find some things difficult
but try and find ways that you can actually enjoy it more.
Like for example Leila?
Rather than picking up a grammar book,
why don't you find a lesson on the grammar point
you need on YouTube.
That's right or why not get out into the streets
and try and have conversations with native speakers
or go to conversation practice clubs.
Find a way that works for you
to actually enjoy the experience of learning English.
So congratulations to mmmEnglish.
Well done Emma, what a fantastic achievement!
Thank you so much for having us
on your amazing channel.
Hi Emma, how's it going? It's your friend
and fellow Youtuber Gabby Wallace
from the Go Natural English channel.
I want to wish you my biggest congratulations
for your huge milestone of 1 million subscribers
here on YouTube.
So let me add my tip for your viewers.
It is about cultivating a learning mindset.
Yes before we even learn the specifics
of English grammar and pronunciation and so on,
we have to have an open learning mindset.
Basically, this means that you must believe in yourself
and believe that you are capable
of learning something new
because you don't want to start thinking
I can't do this, it's so difficult I'll never reach my goal.
That is a sure way for setting yourself up for failure.
So what we want to do is start with a positive, open,
learning mindset and tell yourself things like
for example, I can learn English!
I am learning a little bit each day, I'm doing a great job
and I am 100% capable of becoming fluent in English
if I try hard and focus.
So I hope you enjoyed that tip and again
congratulations! Bye for now!
So good, right?
Thank you to all of my amazing wonderful friends.
Thank you for helping me and my subscribers
to celebrate and thank you for making Youtube
such an incredible tool for education and for learning.
You are doing a really, really good job.
And to my amazing subscribers,
oh my goodness, you guys are the best!
I have one last piece of advice for you.
Now you can make up any reason why someone else
You can tell yourself that they were lucky
or they're smarter than you
or they've got more opportunity
or more money
or more time.
No, the people who reach their big goals
are not looking around themselves at everyone else,
comparing themselves to others.
They are focused on their goal
and they are doing something
every single day to get there.
Little steps every day.
And yes there are going to be days when you feel
like giving up, you'll feel frustrated and angry.
You're going to tell yourself really rubbish things like,
I'm not good enough and I don't have enough time.
You need to push all of that aside.
You need to keep focused on your goals
and you will get the rewards.
They won't happen instantly,
you won't find a magic button
that you can suddenly press and become
fluent in English or whatever else you want in life.
But what you need to do is simple.
You need to show up.
You need to be here practising with me
or any of these other amazing English teachers
that you saw today.
That's it.
Big life-changing things are not easy to do in a day.
You need to stay focused,
you need to take responsibility,
you need to learn from your mistakes,
you need to keep getting up
every time that you fall down
and then you will get there.
So thank you,
thank you for coming on this incredible journey with me.
Let's not stop, let's keep going!
I will see you next week for another lesson.
Bye for now!


9 Tips to Learn English Online + 1 MILLION!

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