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Hello guys my name is Fanny.
Welcome to this series on communication problems.
And in this video I want to talk to you
about communication problems that occur

when we use different kinds of English
because as you know we don't have the

same English in the UK and in the US, for example.
So some Americans don't
understand me when I speak English
because I don't have the same

pronunciation and because I don't always
use the same words.

Most of the time we do understand each other
but sometimes we don't and it can be quite confusing at times.
For example, umm, to me
there's a ground floor in a building.

To an American person my ground floor is
their first floor.

So if I talk about the first floor, I don't mean the same floor as an American person.
So see it can get a bit confusing.
And talking about confusion, I have a story which is quite funny.
I was in college at the time and I
was on the phone with an American friend

and we talked you know for 20-25 minutes and then we decide to go grab a drink together.
So I'm like, "yeah we should we you know we should go out and have a drink."
And she's like,
"Okay yeah sure. What a good idea."

And then she says,
"Let me just put on some pants."

now you have to know pants in the USA,
means like trousers.
Okay your pants. Okay like these.
In British English, pants are underpants.
So for me, when she says,
"Let me put on some pants."

I get this image of my friend talking to me for 20 minutes naked.
You know with no underpants on.
So I was quite shocked and I said,

She said, "Yeah, yeah. Just grab some pants.
I said, "What do you mean pants?"
She said, "Oh no no no, I mean trousers."
And then we just laughed so hard because you know
for a minute there,
there was a just a lot of confusion.

Um, so yeah, depending on where you come from,
I think you shouldn't underestimate ...um..
you know the differences.

And you have to be careful sometimes with the words that you choose.
You know? So...
Yeah that's something that can happen.
So you see even native speakers sometimes ..um..
don't really understand each other.

That happens as well.
So yeah that's what I wanted to tell you.
Umm, I hope you've enjoyed.
And see you in the next video.
Thank you guys for watching my video.
I hope you liked it.
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Thank you and see you.



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