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  • Alright, let's talk about the Dorian mode. The Dorian mode is the second mode in a system

  • of the major scale. So, if i take C major, most of have heard this: Do Re Mi Fa So La

  • Ti Do. [plays scale] If I start that from the second note [plays scale], that gives

  • me a slightly different pattern. It's all the same notes but it's starting on second.

  • I can move this to the tenth fret and play the exact same group of notes.

  • By the way, if you're not familiar with these scales, there is a HowCast video on scales

  • and beginning guitar lesson so you might want to refer to that.

  • I'm here among the tenth fret and I'm playing the Dorian notes. And I can play that in tenth

  • octaves [plays scale]. This mode works great over the D minor chord. If you're going to

  • throw in additional chords, one possibility is G major. Now that's a very common sound

  • and you'll hear that in songs by Santana, The Doors, Light my Fire, is very somewhere

  • that's like a D minor moving up the solo section Down in the Hole by Alice in Chains. For Whom

  • the Bell Tolls by Metallica has guitar patterns that were Dorian.

  • What I'm going to do right now is play a little bit Dorian. My rhythm is going to be D minor

  • to C to G. And I'm going to stay on the tenth fret and I'm going to combining the Dorian

  • mode. Which is these notes. With the pentatonic. So minor pentatonic goes great with the Dorian

  • mode. It just a five note pattern. So I might play some pentatonic licks and then throw

  • in notes from the Dorian. For example. That's pentatonic. If I through in this note, little

  • one fret bend. That's Dorian. So ultimately I want to combine those. So I'm going to play

  • along right now and try to bring some of those ideas together.

  • [plays guitar]

  • And one final thing to keep in mind: The Dorian has a raised six. And what I mean by that

  • is if you play a natural minor, you get this [plays guitar]. So notice the sixth note is

  • here. When you play Dorian, the sixth note is raised. So you get this [plays guitar].

  • And that's it. I hope you've enjoyed this lesson on the Dorian. Have fun.

Alright, let's talk about the Dorian mode. The Dorian mode is the second mode in a system


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ドリアンモードの弾き方|ヘビーメタルギター (How to Play the Dorian Mode | Heavy Metal Guitar)

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