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  • (harp glissando)

  • - We've done hands that have webs

  • in between them.

  • Horns,

  • spikes,

  • lizard feet, Viking boots,

  • whiskers,

  • teeth.

  • There is no mascot handbook,

  • and, if there is, there shouldn't be.

  • My name is Brittany, and I make mascots.

  • Olympus Group was founded in 1893.

  • It's located in beautiful North Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Each mascot is different.

  • It's such a art form.

  • It definitely takes a lot of passion;

  • it takes a lot of creativity;

  • it takes a lot of teamwork;

  • and the people who work here are

  • absolutely amazing with what they can do.

  • There's Molly, she's the Head Fabrication Technician.

  • Steve, he's the Sketch and Sculpting Artist.

  • Sally is the Engineering and the Prepress Specialist.

  • Mary is the Foam Fabrication Technician,

  • and Lyssa is the Patterning and Sewing Lead.

  • And then there's Mitchell.

  • He usually delivers us lunch.

  • (bell dings)

  • Whenever we get a request in,

  • we get around a table and we come up with a plan.

  • The request can be anything from a detailed presentation

  • to a doodle on a cocktail napkin.

  • The sketch team will sketch up a rendering for the customer

  • and then we'll send that out for approvals.

  • After that's settled, we eat.

  • Lunch is very important.

  • We have tight deadlines.

  • We can't always get out and sit down at lunch.

  • So sometimes it's really helpful to

  • be able to get delivery to help us through our day.

  • Collaboration is super important.

  • There's no one person that can make a whole costume.

  • First, it will go to the sculptor,

  • who sculpts the head.

  • We'll turn that into a mold.

  • The mold will then be vacuformed.

  • It's kind of like something out of a Sci-fi movie.

  • It's a lot of fun to watch.

  • Once the heads are vacuformed and all put together,

  • then, they go over to our technicians

  • on our head covering team.

  • They'll pull fabrics from the wall

  • and begin gluing the fabric onto the head.

  • And then it's a matter of cutting fabric,

  • sewing it together,

  • adding, kind of, those last finishing details

  • to get the whole costume to come together

  • to fit as one piece.

  • Then we'll make sure it's able to

  • meet all the necessary requirements

  • the performer will need.

  • - Jump!

  • - [Brittany] As soon as you put that head on.

  • - Cry!

  • - [Brittany] The person kind of, like, becomes that character.

  • - Dance!

  • - [Brittany] Some people will start to dance

  • and do poses.

  • They can be kind of larger than life.

  • And then we'll do a photoshoot.

  • (shutter clicking)

  • It is just very cool to kinda see the whole process

  • all coming together and being finished.

  • There's a ton of pride when it comes to that moment.

  • Once the mascot is complete,

  • we'll go to wherever the next cocktail napkin

  • takes us.

  • (laughing)

(harp glissando)


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