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  • Poor ear...

  • Hey baby

  • I found this dog on the street

  • and when I called the vet

  • he just said the best option is

  • putting it to sleep

  • But he looks so much happier now

  • compares to yesterday

  • I think it has hope to heal

  • I don't wanna put it to sleep

  • (antibiotic)

  • I'm gonna give this dog a bath right now

  • See he can walk

  • He smelled so bad back then

  • and taking a bath didn't help to make it go away

  • We bath him once a week and put coconut oil all over his body

  • I was so amazed at how fast his skin healed

  • You're so cute

  • Cutie pie~

  • Little boy huh~

  • Benji~ Benji~

  • Stop stretching gosh

  • Who is this?

  • Hey how are you~?

  • Is she your girlfriend?

  • 3 months later today he became a Teddy Bear

  • Benji! He looks like a doll

  • Why do you smell so bad?

  • But you're so cute

  • So cute oh my gosh

  • Taking the kids to the beach

  • Benji~

  • Our housekeepers Agus & Eni take really good care of the dogs whenever I'm away

  • I'm really thankful to have them around

  • so funny...

  • This was the first time we took Benji to the beach

  • and oh boy he loved it so much

  • Benji~

  • hey baby~

Poor ear...


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B1 中級

獣医は彼を諦めたが 私は諦めなかった (The vet gave up on him , but I didn't)

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