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  • its funny often when i'm shooting with my big camera

  • i mean you know these things

  • there so cumbersome and lumbering really but what they

  • do is there incredibly high resolution

  • so essentially this picture of one egg could be blown up to the size of a

  • billboard so if i'm shooting in the street or abroad doing a lot of travel

  • stories

  • ill tend to shoot on a DSLR

  • you know like a cannon or a nikon or something like that

  • ill shoot on that but also ill carry

  • a point and shoot i mean this has little interchangeable but

  • it's a point and shoot just the same

  • it allows you just to play you know no tri pod needed you know the lights nice you

  • know

  • shallow depth of field you know

  • what these things allow you to do is play really you don't have to be so serious

  • this is a serious beast ive got to take time and

  • look after it

  • nurture it where something like this i

  • can just play with it

  • you can get very hung up on the whole sort of geekrey of camera equipment

  • and stuff you can read

  • as many magazines as you want and look at as many websites and visit

  • as many forums as you want

  • ultimately that is

  • doing the same job as

  • that

  • whats fascinating is globally people taking photos of their food as there about

  • to eat it and

  • the difference is with a bit of patients just to get the light right

  • not to rush is

  • you know the big thing with mobile phones is people will snatch at it

  • so they will take a photo and snatch at it and its got a blur to it just take your time just gently press

  • the button

  • check it is it in focus

  • have you got detail in there

  • its very important to get the detail you know the lovely

  • dark hole in the bread you know you know you want to get in there and eat it

  • if you want to see more of my food photography masterclass videos click on the links

  • now

its funny often when i'm shooting with my big camera


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デビッド・ロフタス写真マスタークラス - カメラ (David Loftus Photography Masterclass - Cameras)

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