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A lot of people have requested that I
film the build process more so
here's some fucking build processes!
The main reason I don't want to do it is
because it's kind of a pain in the butt, and also
it gives me a shitload of shit to edit.
For those of you who say that
I cuss a lot
because my English vocabulary is sub-par,
go eat a shit load of shit. [laughs]
[burp-roar intro noise]
"We should build a claw machine for the greater good
that picks it up /every time/!"
"That's a-" "Everybody wins"
"That is a fantastic idea!
But I have a feeling that if you tried to do it,
you'd be like, really well intentioned
and, like, you would end up like, /beheading/
the toys."
"I might have to build that!"
"Just remember that it started right here"
So I got this, like, little desk top claw machine
and I just went to the store and bought batteries.
These are one and a half volts!
Like, they're fucking huge and one and a half volts.
I don't know what's going on.
So I haven't done anything with this,
I just bought this.
I still haven't figured out how I'm going to do this
but I guess that's what this is all about.
Why is nothing happening?
[♫ Music ♫]
Uh! [♫ Music ♫]
[♫ Music ♫]
This fucking song! [♫ Music ♫]
[Music cuts off]
I think I ran that for about twenty seconds
and it already makes me want to kill it.
So..., yeah. Let's take this thing apart.
Look at that.
There are two chains here,
one that lowers it
and another chain that opens and closes the claw.
So that's pretty cool but that's not gonna
give us enough force to actually the behead stuff.
So what I'm thinking is to take this claw out
and put a servo motor on it
and have that be what crushes it
but I think I'll 3-D print a claw that's a little bit sturdier and stronger
Because i just got a new 3-D printer!
I'm very excited about it.
So it's like day, what?,
ten of this project.
This is all the different versions I made of the claw.
I'm doing this like a crazy person.
I woke up at 6am this morning being like
"This is how I need to do it for it to work!"
and I'm not sure if this is actually going to work
but I have high hopes for this iteration
I got a good feeling about it.
So what I settled on,
because in the beginning I had two claws move
and I realized that might make it a little bit weaker.
I'm not sure if that's, like, a correct way of thinking about it.
But now i have two claws that
are in the same place all the time
and then just one part that moves
Hella tight!
To try out servomotors I have this really nifty little
I don't know what the technical term is.
Servomotor try outer?
Basically just plug it in into a battery and you
can move it around without having to do
any programming which is really neat.
I ...
It's chewing it's way through the plastic.
I thought this was actually gonna work.
Story of my life!
Let's iterate again.
So prior to starting this claw machine project,
I had hardly ever done any CAD design.
Now I feel like a fucking CAD wiz.
If you doubt that I'm a professional,
I have this patch.
So we just have this, like, metal servo worn that's bitten off.
You see it's like chewing its way through the plastic!
So I'm going to use this one that's bigger
and I've actually modeled it so this way it should just
plop right in.
Noooo! It's so close!
Oh yeah!
Oh, that's satisfying!
Best version so far.
It's in a little bit of pain but is it suffering?
I'm just looking for cute stuff that I can crush
which is also what my online dating profile says. [laughs]
So..., we got and bought some Easter candy
cause I'm thinking that that's gonna crush easily
We get some bunnies, we get some frogs,
we get some chicks.
This is nasty!
We've come this far and now you're not going to start.
You little dipshit.
[♫ Music ♫]
Ah! [♫ Music ♫]
There we go. Ok! [♫ Music ♫]
[♫ Music ♫]
Come on! [♫ Music ♫]
[♫ Music ♫]
I mean the candy's good.
It didn't even cut off its ear!
It's not as aggressive as I want it to be.
I want it to just, like, eat stuff up
and it's barely injuring these tiny little creatures.
What do I need to do to make this work the way I want it to?
Little ducky, you're, you're gonna get picked up.
[♫ Music ♫]
[Clanging sounds]
[♫ Music ♫]
[♫ Fail sound effect ♫]
Yeah, tell me about it claw machine.
[♫ Music ♫]
[♫ Music speeds up ♫]
[Clanging sounds] [Laughs]
That was so stupid. [Laughs]
It dropped the claw rather than the ... [Laughs]
This is ... [Laughs]
I am so underwhelmed!
I spent so much time on this project
and it's obviously not paying off.
Fucking claw machines man.
Even when I rigged it,
I still lost.
Maybe they're just too shitty from the start so that I can't
make them shittier. I don't know.
I feel disappointed in myself.
Failing at failing.
What does that make me?
Really bad or really good? Is it like minus time minus
and I'm a plus?
Hey! How do you like my new manicure?
Nail art. That's my thing.
If you have any ideas on how to improve this
or if you have any other designs that I should try out,
please let me know!
Maybe I should just buy a bigger claw machine,
maybe I should get one of those real, like, big ones.
That's a fair company expense.
Yeah, we'll see.
[buzzing noise]
Oh nooooo!
Now I'm going to have clean it up.
I'm calling it a day. A bad day.


I made a shitty claw machine

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