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- [Narrator] Ah, the beautiful game of soccer.
Or as the rest of the world calls it, football.
Football is a difficult game.
And like any difficult game,
it has difficult moves.
But the hardest move of them all is the
awe-inspiring, God-like,
unparalleled, bicycle kick.
But the origins of this world-class move are
sharply contested between three Latin American countries.
So, we wanna know:
Who invented the bicycle kick?
Brazil, Peru, Chile.
You see, depending on who you ask,
the bicycle kick has three different names and
a contested origins story.
If you go to Latin America,
many people will call this kick La Chilena,
which means The Chilean.
And it's all because of this guy:
Ramón Unzaga.
The year is 1914.
Popular tradition has it that
Unzaga invented the kick in a football match in Chile.
The Argentinean press took notice of this spectacular play
and decided to adopt the move as La Chilena,
which means The Chilean.
- Goal! La Chilena!
- [Narrator] But, in Peru,
Peruvians will claim the kick was invented in Callao,
Peru's largest port.
It was the year 1892.
Many believe that a Chalaco,
as Callao locals are known,
was the first to try this acrobatic maneuver
in a game against British sailors.
Some say that Chilean spectators witnessed this move,
which Peruvians called, La Chalaca,
and took it back to Chile.
(upbeat classical music)
Now, In Brazil,
they will give you their own story.
(whistles blowing)
Some have suggested that the Brazilian Leonidas da Silva
was the first to ever develop
what Brazilians call, Bicicleta.
Word is, when Leonidas made the move,
the referee was so startled,
he didn't know if it was even a legal play.
The truth is that it's really hard to pin down the
inception of this amazing move.
And whether its origin's are
Chilean, Peruvian, or Brazilian,
one thing's for sure:
the bicycle kick is truly a Latin American invention.
(whistle blows)


Who Invented the Bicycle Kick?

573 タグ追加 保存
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