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  • I don't know who you are

  • Where you came from

  • Who you voted for

  • What your family name implies

  • If you're a rebel or a conservative

  • I don't know who you love

  • What you just can't stand

  • If you're rich, poor or somewhat inbetween

  • If you're a man, woman

  • or somewhat inbetween

  • I don't even know how you feel about me

  • If you love me, hate me

  • or haven't made up your mind

  • You are welcome anyhow

  • Just as you are

  • With your dreams

  • beliefs

  • doubts

  • and preconceptions

  • Come visit me

  • I'm Stockholm - The open city

I don't know who you are


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B1 中級

ストックホルムへようこそ オープンシティ (Welcome to Stockholm The Open City)

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