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Please welcome, Adam Pally!
(upbeat music and crowd cheering)
Okay, Adam.
Oh, that's nice.
You've gotta little holster there.
Adam, let me explain for the uninitiated,
I don't know what you're..I don't know what you're doing.
Honestly, I honestly don't know--are you okay? Do you need-
Just trying to get comfy.
Alright, okay. Just trying to get comfy.
There we go. Alright. Now- A brand new drum.
You have a um, you have a little tradition of you like to
dress up different things when you come out on our show.
Last time you were here, you dressed up as Fat Batman.
And we have that.
(audience laughs)
And uh, and that was a uh--
Did you get a good reaction from Fat Batman?
Absolutely not, Conan.
(Conan laughs)
My family was worried about me.
Your family was worried about you?
Okay, so uh, so, this time alright,
This time you're on the show and can you tell us, 'cause
I honestly don't know, what's going on?
What are you today?
(laughs and coughs)
Are you choking to death in there?
I'm worried that you're dying.
I will say, it is not comfortable.
It's not comfortable.
Someone should get Ryan Reynolds and ask her.
So what is this costume?
So I wanted to dress up for you and every time I do,
I put on a costume, and last time I was a superhero
and I thought "That was pretty good".
You know it's hard to breathe in here.
I was like let's do another superhero,
you know, and raise the stakes.
So I thought of this character named "Snaredevil".
Snaredevil, he's like a daredevil but he has a drum.
He has a snare drum.
And uh- And then you clearly thought
"Well, that'll never work. I won't do that."
You're halfway right, Conan.
I'm kidding, I'm kidding. So this is Snaredevil?
So this is Snaredevil but, you know,
about ten minutes ago I realized that
the character of Daredevil, and the character of Deadpool
are two different characters?
And I picked the wrong one.
So this is, yeah so you- So basically, I'm just like
Dead-like uh, Deadpool with a percussion interest?
Yeah Right, right, right.
That's not--yeah, so this, this was a bit of a
miscalculation you're admitting now?
Uh, a bit?
Look at my mouth take that air in.
(laughter and clapping)
You're like some tropical lizard.
My first gut instinct is to vape.
Now Adam, are you into cartoons?
You must be into cartoons?
Uh, no man that stuff is for dorks.
I like sports.
Yeah, okay so you don't like cartoons.
Do you see superhero movies?
I've seen a couple super hero movies, but
most of the time when I see them,
I'm on an airplane and I've had a Xanax
and couple glasses of Cabernet.
Yeah, the 't' is silent, its Cabernet.
Ha! Okay, Conan.
Next you're gonna tell me that the pink wine
is not pronounced "rose".
Yeah, okay.
You know it must be very-
I'm killing with the band tonight.
The band loves you.
(audience cheers)
(Adam and the band play drums)
Alright! Alright.
Would you like to take off-- Here's my question.
I feel like you're the carbon dioxide
Hesby building up in there.
Would you like to take off the mask?
Would you be more comfortable?
I would very much Conan, is
it okay if I take the mask off?
Yes, you may take the mask off.
(audience cheers)
Oh, thank God.
So what's happening?
So I forgot to tell you that
like, right before I came out
I realized that Daredevil and Deadpool
are different characters so I panicked.
And I threw on this costume underneath
just hoping this would happen.
You have a whole Daredevil costume underneath there?
Oh yeah, yeah. Wow
The whole thing- How hot are you right now?
Oh, I'm Miami 2020, you know?
I'm Miami the last days before it becomes the ocean.
Alright, so let's talk quickly-
Also, I gotta say, I'm catching myself
on the monitor right now and when
I first told your staff that I was gonna
be in, like, a normal superhero costume, they were,
they're like "That's gonna be hilarious!"
"You're gonna look hilarious."
And I was a little offended, you know?
'Cause I was like..and now I'm seeing
me now and I'm like, I look so good in this
superhero costume that the only conclusion
that I could have is that, my agents are anti-Semitic.
And that's the You think that they will not
book you in a superhero role- Yes
because they are anti-simitic?
There are no Jewish superheros, none of them.
We don't even have a Jewish alter ego.
I think Robert Downey Jr. is Jewish.
He may be Jewish but Tony Stark is goy as hell.
Oh, I see. Excuse me.
That's a good point. I see what you mean.
That's a good point.
You know what? What?
Hollywood discriminates against Jews.
Yeah, it makes perfect sense.
Yeah, I'm just putting this together.
That's what everybody says.
Yeah, I wanna make sure I get to your project.
Do you? Do you really?
At this point, what's the difference, you know?
Come on.
I think it's important to mention
this movie that you're in called Most Likely to Murder.
Yes. Would you like
to tell us what that's about?
It's so much.
Most Likely to Murder is, uh,
I play like the coolest kid in high school.
This is crazy to talk about.
I just like, my favorite thing now is,
there are people that tune in
to these things late.
And they're coming in and they're
just seeing you talking about a
pretty normal movie that you're in and
this makes no sense.
Yeah, yeah.
But it doesn't make sense if you saw the whole thing so..
That's true.
There's no baseline for sense They're not missing anything
No You're right. You're right.
I didn't realize that this couch was red.
This used to be gray, I would've
chosen a different superhero. Oh well.
We did that 'cause we're anti-Semitic.
Oh, I know.
Is the word out on us?
Oh, you should've seen the way the pineapple
was arranged in my dressing room.
I did not appreciate that shape.
Oh, come on.
We're just having some fun with you.
Yeah, that was funny.
So this is like a train wreck, huh?
I don't think so.
(audience cheers)
I gotta tell you-
(audience cheers)
Adam Yes?
We've been doing this a long time.
We've seen a lot of train wrecks.
Yeah, but I do- This isn't a train wreck.
This is a derailed trolley.
No one got hurt, you know what I mean?
Well, I think I'm a casualty.
Do you want me to plug your f*cking movie or not?
We did it! We did it! We did it.
Yeah, the movie comes out-
This is designed to fail. Yeah!
The movie comes out today on iTunes.
Go there and if you like the movie,
hashtag Most Likely to Murder
and write that you liked it because
apparently that's just as good as buying a movie ticket.
Right. Oh.
Maybe there- I don't,
now I don't understand anything about this segment.
I thought at the part I would understand
was at least you, you know, plugging the movie.
But then you just mentioned this thing
that has blown me away.
That you don't have to see the movie,
you just hashtag about it. Right.
Most Likely to Murder, we can't show the clip now.
That's your fault, dude.
Most Likely to Murder- oh, do we show the clip now?
(audience screams yes)
Show that clip!
Will you help me do one of those things
where you um, you get information
to prove that something is something else?
That thing where you find knowledge,
gather it with evidence and Google it?
Where we, like, chart it. A book report?
Yes, kind of like a book report.
Okay, like with a thesis and everything?
But like, when the police do a book report.
God, interrogation? Not interrogation.
It's um, 'Cause I need help.
You work together, use a magnifying glass?
Clues? In-nn-a
Sleuthing? An investigation?
We have to do an investigation!
Yes, an investigation.
It's such a simple word but sometimes
those are the ones that just like, they're gone.
(audience cheers)
Its Rear Window, but stoners.
Most Likely to Murder is available now on
digital DVD, on demand, hashtag backslash Jub Jub Flip Flop.
Adam Pally, everybody right back comedian
and a superhero.


Adam Pally's Interview As "Snaredevil Goes Completely Off The Rails - CONAN on TBS

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