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  • Dashcam footage can be fun informative and just a great way to capture whatever may involve whilst driving

  • Be that an accident you or someone else is involved with or even some paranormal footage or mysterious creature

  • Dash cams have rapidly grown in popularity over the years and here we look at five instances where terrifying events were caught on them

  • Trans-asia, Airways flight 235 on

  • February the 4th 2015 a plane took off from Taipei, Songshan Airport

  • heading to Kinmen a

  • Taiwanese island off the coast of mainland Fujian the aircraft was carrying 53 passengers and 5 crew

  • Shortly after takeoff the pilots reported an engine flameout in one of his two engines

  • This in itself is not a problem as the aircraft is more than capable of flying with one engine

  • However in an extraordinary act of incompetence the pilot responded by pulling back on the throttle

  • Not of the failing engine, but mistakenly of the working engine this caused the aircraft to stall

  • Although the pilot didn't notice until two minutes later, and although he was able to restore some power. It was too late

  • This incredible video was caught on dashcam as the plane banked sharply

  • clipping a taxi before crashing into the Keelung River of

  • The 58 people on board only 15 survived and two people on the ground also sustained injuries

  • the inquiry into the accident revealed that the pilot had failed flight simulator tests just a few months before and

  • had received additional training

  • He was also known for being nervous and hasty. It was concluded the accident was caused by pilot error

  • Roadblock I saw this video a while back and it's always creeped me out in

  • 2014 Ivan tucked-in was driving along the i-78 in New Jersey

  • When he could see ahead two cones blocking the road it

  • Seemed odd

  • As there were no emergency vehicles all workers around as he slowed down a man wearing a hoodie appeared out of the shadows

  • Ivan whined down his window and asks the man if he can help

  • The man says yes, but as he walks over to the car the hooded man reaches into his pocket and senses

  • He may be in danger Ivan accelerated away

  • He then called 9-1-1 to report what had happened

  • When the police went back to the scene they discovered that the cones were gone, but they did arrest two men

  • One for driving under the influence and the other for hindering

  • It said they had run out of gas and were flagging for help while their true intentions were is unknown and it's safe to say

  • Ivan probably made the right decision with some saying he could well have been robbed or even murdered if he had not drove away

  • Kuala lumpur ghost a

  • driver in malaysia had a creepy experience while driving along on a tourist the eerie road as

  • His car comes around a bend a figure can be seen in the distance sat in the middle of the road

  • The driver slows down and he and his passenger can be heard saying

  • Okay, that's a bit scary

  • The spook driver, then reverses the car in a state of panic and the clip cuts off

  • Little is known about the drivers fate as the footage was posted anonymously

  • Take a look

  • It seems it's not the first time search anonymous encounters happened along this particular stretch of road

  • But many believe it was an attempted hijack, and if the driver had stomped

  • Unseen accomplices would have jumped out and mugged him

  • either that or it was a paranormal being

  • What do you think?

  • Lucky escape in Australia

  • This next footage shows a lady

  • Stomped on the side of the road after hitting a branch that had fallen onto a narrow road near Carlisle River in Victoria

  • Australia on the opposite side a truck driver stops to make sure she is okay

  • But as the two talked a truck can be seen in the background hurtling towards them

  • Before also striking the branch and careering out of control

  • Take a look at this terrifying footage and imagine for a moment what must have been going through all of their minds

  • 10:05

  • That night

  • Miraculously, no one was injured the lady later told how she feared death and thinking she was about to be killed she threw herself into

  • the blackberry bushes

  • An action that saved her life

  • However her car was not so lucky and was severely damaged

  • The man who was stationary on the other side of the road and who also stared death in the face?

  • survived unscathed

  • He said after the incident that had he been just a bit further forward. He would not be here to tell the tale

  • the driver of the it--of control truck was convinced

  • he was going to kill someone and explained that after hitting the branch he had no control, but

  • incredibly was able to narrowly miss the stationary truck a

  • Truly lucky escape by all of them

  • Black spur incident

  • In December 2014 a driver captured this remarkable footage while travelling along a road

  • Known as the black spur Drive in Victoria

  • Australia a stretch of road famous for its scenery and tall forests

  • He is happily enjoying the view while listening to the radio in the opposite direction

  • Another car can be seen and this is what happens next

  • This terrifying occurrence was caused by a freak storm that simply blew the trees down creating a domino effect

  • The frightening thing is that if it had happened just a few moments before both cars were undoubtably have been crushed

  • The footage has been viewed millions of times and is now used as an educational video

  • To warn drivers of the dangers of driving the black spur on a windy day

  • So that's five truly insane things caught on dashcam videos. I hope you've enjoyed and don't forget to follow top fives over on Instagram

  • Or check out some of our other creepy videos

  • Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video

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Dashcam footage can be fun informative and just a great way to capture whatever may involve whilst driving


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