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  • This Great Big Story was made possible by P&G.

  • Love Over Bias

  • - The beach is not a very safe space.

  • Anyone can relate to feeling uncomfortable on the beach.

  • Men, women, queer, otherwise.

  • And it's also a very gendered space,

  • like the moment you put your toes in the sand

  • you know it and you feel it

  • and you know that you have to kind of

  • pick one side of the spectrum.

  • Either you're more on the masculine side

  • or you're more on the feminine side.

  • What does that do for everyone that

  • doesn't exist on one clear side or the other?

  • (upbeat music)

  • (cool music)

  • I am Ari Fitz,

  • and I run a fashion project called Tomboyish.

  • It in so many ways aims

  • to tackle the way that we see beauty

  • and the way that we see masculinity and femininity.

  • A couple years ago, I really started to balance

  • my own masculinity and femininity,

  • and I felt really good, and I felt like myself.

  • I wanted to help other people get there too.

  • To me, getting dressed in the morning

  • is kind of like putting on my suit of armor.

  • As a queer person,

  • as a woman, as a person of color,

  • I feel like there are so many things

  • in this world that wants to silence us,

  • silence me, minimize me,

  • and minimize my experience in this world.

  • What we choose to wear signifies that

  • we are here, we are present,

  • and we're not going to be silenced,

  • we're not going anywhere.

  • 'Sup, Ben?

  • Hey!

  • So the project I'm working on is a really dope,

  • super hot lookbook that features all things

  • swimwear for those who don't exist

  • on the hyper masculine side or

  • the hyper feminine side, like myself.

  • Because I know what it feels like

  • to step out on a beach and not feel confident.

  • We have to get creative.

  • We have to find items that most of the time

  • you wouldn't really think are like swimwear

  • or beachwear pieces,

  • and we have to make them ours.

  • Swim vests,

  • also bodysuits.

  • And then from there, just accessorize.

  • (shouting and laughing)

  • It's a beach.

  • It's meant to be fun, it's meant to be light,

  • it's summer.

  • The stress and the trauma that people experience

  • when they go to a beach is just like,

  • it's so unnecessary.

  • The more I can do to just get that out of the way

  • and make the beach fun again,

  • that means that my job is done.

  • Do you, boo, just rock it!

  • Just make sure you're like,

  • rocking it with like, you know,

  • some confidence, and you got it.

  • (cool music)

  • (chime)

This Great Big Story was made possible by P&G.


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