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Hi Bob the Canadian here and in this video I wanted to talk about what it's like to be
at the grocery store, going through the checkout with some items, and not quite hearing what
the total was.
And what the proper way is to ask for the cashier to repeat themselves.
So let's imagine you've gone to the grocery store.
You're in the bread section and you've grabbed two loaves of bread.
You've made your way to the front and you're going through the checkout and the cashier
rings you through and says, "That'll be $7.45 please".
"That'll be $7.45 please".
And you didn't quite hear what they said.
Now you could just say, "What did you say?"
But this is considered kind of direct and somewhat impolite and rude.
So you could say "Pardon me?" which is much more polite.
Or you could say "Pardon?" which is polite.
But if you wanted to inquire about the exact amount you could ask questions like this:
"I'm sorry I didn't quite hear you.
What was the total?"
"I'm sorry.
How much do I owe?"
And the cashier will respond with the amount and you'll be able to pay and you'll be able
to make your way out of the store.
Well that's how to ask the cashier to repeat themselves when you're making a purchase in
a grocery store or any other kind of store.
Bob the Canadian here.
Thanks for watching and don't forget to subscribe.
Have a great day.
That'll be $2462.11.
I'm sorry. How much was that?
I'm sorry. What was the total?


【ボブカナディアンと英語】"How much do I owe?"スーパーでの買い物 (Using English at the Grocery Store - How Much Do I Owe?)

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