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  • Every year tens of millions of people visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, and while the guests at Disney's parks come from all walks of life, they all share something in common: they've got to eat.

    フロリダ州オーランドにあるディズニーランドには、毎年様々なタイプの観光客が何百万人と訪れます。そんな多彩なゲストに共通することが 1 つありますが、それは「園内で食事をする」ということです。

  • Now when you're paying as much as you do for a burger at Disney, you want to get your money's worth, but the truth is plenty of people don't finish their food, leading to the questionWhat Does Disney do with all that leftover food?”


  • Now if you're thinking it just goes into a garbage and gets shipped off to a landfill, that's actually not the case.


  • It certainly was in the past, but as a part of Disney's effort to reduce waste and find more sustainable forms of energy, all of that food now goes towards, well, powering the rides you ride.


  • In 2008, in Waltham MA a man named Paul Sellew founded a company called Harvest Power Inc.

    2008 年に、マサチューセッツのウォルサム在住のポール・ソリューという方が Harvest Power Inc という会社を設立しました。

  • They're a company that focuses on trying to cut down on waste while creating sustainable energy, specifically through a process called anaerobic digestion.


  • In 2011 they penned a deal with the Reedy Creek Improvement District, the governing jurisdiction for the land of Walt Disney World, in which they would build a state-of-the-art 30 million dollar anaerobic digestion plant that they called anEnergy Garden

    2011 年にはディズニーランドの土地を管理する Reedy Creek Improvement District との契約を結び、3000万ドルをかけて「エナジー・ガーデン」と呼ばれる最新式嫌気性消化工場の建設を実現させました。

  • The way the whole process works is that Disney ships its food waste to the Energy Garden, which is located between the Animal Kingdom and Epcot, where it's then mixed with biosolids, which are the leftover organic remains of sewage that's treated at Reedy Creek's sewage plant.

    Animal Kingdom と Epcot の中間に位置するこのエナジー・ガーデンに廃棄された食べ物が送られ、Reedy Creek の下水処理施設で処理された際に出るバイオソリッドと混ぜられます。

  • The combined mixture is introduced to microorganisms that feed on the waste and generate something called biogas in the process.


  • That biogas is itself a mixture of both methane and carbon dioxide.


  • The biogas is then routed to a series of generators where it's combusted, much like natural gas, to generate electricity.


  • That electricity is then sold back to Disney who uses it as part of their aggregate power supply used to run the resort.


  • Any leftover waste that doesn't get processed by the microorganisms after a month is converted into granular fertilizer that's then sold separately.

    1 カ月以上も微生物によって処理されなかった分の廃棄物は、粒状肥料に姿を変えて別途販売されていきます。

  • The Energy Garden, which opened in 2014, is capable of processing 350 tons of food waste every day, and can produce up to 5.4 megawatts per hour of combined heat and electric energy.

    2014 年にオープンしたエナジー・ガーデンは、毎日 350 トンもの廃棄食物を処理することができ、1 時間に最大 5.4 メガワットの熱ならびに電力を生み出すことが可能です。

  • So does that mean everything you're riding is powered by this waste?


  • Well, not quite.


  • To put it in perspective, in 2017 the Reedy Creek Improvement District purchased a total of 1.1 million megawatts of power.

    分かりやすく言えば、2017 年には Reedy Creek Improvement District は合計 110 万メガワット分の電力を購入しました。

  • It's largest supplier, Duke Energy, provided over 878 thousand megawatts of that total.

    そのうち、最も大きな電力供給会社 Duke Energy からは合計 87 万 8 千メガワットの供給を受けましたが

  • Harvest Energy?

    Harvest Energy からは

  • 18.6 thousand megawatts, or about 1.5% of the total.

    1 万 8 千メガワットで、全体の 1.5 %に過ぎません。

  • Now that's not nothing either.


  • According to figures from the US Energy Information Administration, those 18.6 thousand megawatts would be able to power roughly 1,700 homes for an entire year.

    アメリカエネルギー情報局が発表する数字によると、1 万 8 千メガワットというのは年間通して1700 件の住宅が必要とするのに十分なだけの電力量となるのです。

  • It's just that Disney World is so massive.


  • Between the theme parks, the water parks, all the resorts (which combined, total up to 30,000 hotel rooms), and all of the countless buildings behind the scenes that make Disney World possible, it's no surprise that it they need a lot of power.

    テーマパーク、ウォーター・パーク、各種リゾート(合わせてホテル 30,000 部屋分)、さらには舞台裏の無数の建物などが、ディズニーランドの運営に必要となっているわけですから、膨大な量の電力が必要であるというのは納得がいきます。

  • Still though, this is a great step in the direction of easing off fossil fuels and leaning into renewable energy.


  • This isn't their only step, either.


  • Beyond the current Mickey Mouse solar farm, Disney is working with Origis Energy to build a 270 acre 50-megawatt solar farm which, when completed, would generate enough energy to power two of Disney's four theme parks.

    現在のミッキーマウス・ソーラーファームに加えて、ディズニーランドは Origis Energy と協力して50メガワットを発電できる270エーカーの ソーラーファームを建設中で、完成時にはディズニーランドの 4 つのテーマパークのうち 2 つを完全にまかなえるだけの電力供給が可能になる予定です。

  • So while it's not actually possible when you are on a ride to tell which power is coming from where, the next time you're on the Carousel of Progress and John is going on about the wonders of electricity, you can tell yourself he's able to do so because of that Mickey waffle you never finished eating.

    ですから、皆さんが乗っている乗り物を動かしている電力はどこから来ているのかを知る事はできませんが、今度Carousel of Progressに乗ったときにジョンが電力の不思議について説明している時に、それは自分の食べ残したミッキーワッフルのおかげで可能になるんだと自分に言い聞かせてくださいね。

  • Just kidding.


  • You finished eating it. Everybody finishes eating those.


Every year tens of millions of people visit Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, and while the guests at Disney's parks come from all walks of life, they all share something in common: they've got to eat.

フロリダ州オーランドにあるディズニーランドには、毎年様々なタイプの観光客が何百万人と訪れます。そんな多彩なゲストに共通することが 1 つありますが、それは「園内で食事をする」ということです。

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