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Jet lag we've all had it we all hate it, but most of us don't know how to beat it
There is nothing worse than saving up for your big dream trip only to spend every night tossing and turning
Sleeping through the day and just generally being a grouch because you didn't get your beauty sleep.
I'm Marko
I'm Alex
and you are watching vagabrothers your go-to guide for travel tips inspiration and vlogs here on YouTube
We were raised by a flight attendant who spent her whole career eating jetlag for breakfast,
and we do quite a bit jet-setting ourselves
So in this video we're gonna share our fourteen point plan to help you dominate Jet lag
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Get ready to arrive rested. This is how to beat jet lag before it beats you
First things first, what is jetlag?
Let's have professor Marko explain.
I'm glad you asked. Jet lag is a physiological condition
Resulting from the alteration of the body's circadian rhythms
as a result of rapid long-distance trans-meridian travel
Put simply it's when you fly across
too many time zones for your body clock to adjust
if you fly east, you can't sleep
And if you fly West, you wake up super early
and the more time zones you cross, the longer it takes your body to readjust
about two-thirds of a day per timezone
for example
Were you to travel from London to Shanghai
you cross seven time zones resulting in Jet Lag that would endure
approximately four days however were you to travel this exact same distance
London to Cape Town you would remain in the same time zone and therefore suffer
No jetlag
Make sense? Splendid.
Luckily there are a few simple steps that you can take
Starting with understanding your circadian rhythm
Commonly known as your body clock
your natural pattern of going to sleep and waking up
your body clock is set by two things
Natural lights and the hour at which you eat keep those principles in mind
Follow these tips and you'll be adjusted in no time
Start before you fly by adjusting your body clock while you're still at home
three days before your trip
Calculate the time difference between home and your destination
then adjust your sleep schedule gradually before your trip
Ideally about an hour a day
But even 30 minutes makes a big difference
Shh word to the wise
If you're flying east you have to wake up earlier if you're flying west you get to sleep in a little bit
if you have work in the morning sleeping in might
not be an option so try adjusting your meal time instead
if you really want to be precise you can use the website jetlagrooster.com
which allows you to plug in your destination the time of your flight and will give you a detailed hour-by-hour
recommendation on whether you should seek sunlight or sleep for up to three days before your flight and after
When it's time to choose your flight make your flight work for you
for longer distance flights
Taking an overnight flight
Also know as a "Red Eye" can help you adjust to jet lag faster because it's dark when you fly
Allowing you to sleep on the flight
And it's generally light when you arrive allowing you to take advantage of that first day in your new destination
Number three schedule a layover
another idea is to schedule a layover halfway to your destination to allow your body to
Acclimate little by little now
This is not always a practical suggestion
But Iceland in particular makes a convenient stop between Europe and North America
and airlines like
Icelandair allow you to make a stopover in the country for up to a week at no extra charge
That is if you can afford a week in Iceland on top of your vacation
If you're flying for business see if your company can upgrade you to business class
so you can sleep more comfortably on the flight
if not see if you can just arrive a day or two early so you can adjust for that big meeting
Even if you're just going on vacation
Allow yourself some time to recover
Don't plan too much for the first few days
let yourself get settled into your new destination so you're not crossing things off your bucket list
while you're super groggy
also make sure that you've packed your anti jetlag essentials
an eye shade
a refillable water bottle and melatonin and over-the-counter
Natural sleep aid that will come in handy later
Now we're ready to fly
an easy method is to adjust your watch the second you get to the airport,
dude like
What's a watch?
You mean, this thing?
Sure "VagaBrosef"
the point is to mentally transport yourself to your destination the second you hop on the plane
Before you drink a cup of coffee or take a nap
Think about how that would affect you if you were there already
I might not have a watch
But like I totally know how to follow the vagabrothers on Instagram and turn on notifications
So what are you doing out there?
and once you arrive quit your moaning about how late it is back home
It'll only take you out of the moment and make you tired
just focus on adjusting your body clock to the local time
Number seven don't sleep on the plane
We come to a contentious suggestion that you probably shouldn't take a nap on the plane
But Bros... I just want to sleep
me and this little gnome got after it last night
Totally Raged!
We get you VagaBrosef
when we used to live in Spain our pre-flight ritual
Was to go out partying all night take a taxi to the airport
And then pass out on the flight all the way back home to California
Alas science has proven us wrong on various fronts
unless you're on a red-eye flight, going to sleep could throw you off worse than if you just stayed awake
But you already use jet lag rooster to find out if you should go to sleep or stay awake
Either way modern planes make dealing with jet lag a lot easier the Airbus a380 and the Boeing 787
Have LED lights that simulate the local time at your destination so if you see the lights go dark
That's probably a good time to catch some Z's
The best thing to do during the flight is to drink tons of water
The pressurized cabin air really dehydrates you and even though modern planes have made some improvements for that
It's still pretty bad so even if you're offered for free booze or coffee just stick to water and keep drinking
It's really good to have a refillable water bottle of your own which you can bring onto the flight
So you're not nagging the flight attendant for a tiny little cup of water every half hour
Once you arrive no matter what you do
do not take a nap as tempting as it may be
Taking a nap will actually make it harder to adjust a jet lag instead try staying up until 9 p.m. at least
A better strategy is to go for a run right when you land
I'm not talking about like in the airport right when you land, but once you get situated go outside go for a jog
It's gonna give you some energy. It's gonna help
You sleep better that night
It's a great way to get your bearings in a new city
out on your jog find some cool spots to check out the next day
But make sure that you don't go running too late because it could make it hard for you to go to sleep that night
Your body clock adjusts based on changes in natural light so catching a sunrise or a sunset
Will be an automatic cue for your body to figure out
What time it is
Lame but proven by experts another counterintuitive tip is to a avoid alcohol
and caffeine because those are both proven to hurt your quality of sleep
However I'd make a personal amendment to the last rule if you're gonna drink alcohol or caffeine
Work with jetlag not against it
that is if you fly east and you're having trouble going to sleep hit the town
And if you fly west and you wake up early go for a morning run
And then drink a coffee
sometimes we get frustrated when jetlag throws us off
But we forget that it can be a good thing
keeps us up past our bedtime. If you're kind of a grandparent like me or
It'll make you an early bird for once
whatever it is just roll with it
If you're still having trouble going to sleep try doing some nighttime yoga, or taking a natural sleep aid like melatonin
It's a hormone found naturally in the body that helps regulate sleep cycles
It's available over-the-counter and doesn't have the nasty side effects of prescription strength sleeping pills
Lastly, eat right
Have a meal when the locals do even if you're not hungry
start your day with a high-protein breakfast which is gonna
Give you a ton of energy
Swap out heavy meals for little snacks throughout the day and avoid high-fat dinners
Which are hard to digest and can make it difficult to fall asleep.
Those are our tips for beating jetlag
What are yours? Share your own comments tips questions in the comment section
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So you don't miss any of our videos
and in the meantime remember stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you on the road
Hopefully dominating jet lag because jet lag sucks
Our mom eats pieces of jetlag like you for breakfast


【旅行】時差ボケ対策プロが教える14のコツ (14 Pro Tips to Avoid Jet Lag | Travel Hacks)

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