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  • Welcome to the fab forums channel

  • Today I am going to show you an easy way to fabricate your own front end alignment tool

  • its easy

  • you ready?

  • here you go...

  • string

  • and two jack stands

  • really...

  • thats how easy it is

  • let me show you

  • what your going to do is take one jack stand

  • and place it

  • right here in front of the front tire

  • take the other jack stand and place it...

  • on the other side of the car in front of the front tire

  • and then

  • take the string

  • you want the string to be long enough

  • to go around the entire car

  • jack stand to jack stand

  • on the end of your string

  • you just want to have a little loop right there on the end of it

  • basically just hook it on the jack stand

  • and then your going to run this

  • all the way back

  • to the rear tires

  • around both rear tires

  • back around to the other jack stand

  • alright as you can see I have the string going from one jack stand

  • all the way around the car

  • touching the rear tires and back over to the other jack stand

  • what you want to be sure of is that the string is passing through the center of the wheels

  • on the front and the back

  • and that its pulled nice and tight

  • and you want it to touch the front and rear section of the rear tires

  • hopefully you can see this

  • so the string comes right around the rear tire

  • touches the side wall

  • then you want to move the string

  • then move the jack stand at the front of the car so the string is just barely touching

  • the side wall on the front side of the rear tire

  • its barely touching

  • once you have that

  • you can now see how that string passes by the front tire

  • so once you get both side adjusted

  • make sure your steering wheel is straight

  • the pull your measurements

  • we know this line is straight off the rear tires

  • now you can just pull measurements from your tire to your string

  • 2 inches on the front

  • 1 inch and 3/4 on the back

  • then just go under and make your adjustments on your tie rod end

  • pull measurements again

  • keep doing that until you get the same measurement front and back

  • do that on both side, make sure you steering wheel is still straight

  • then you are aligned !

  • the thing that is nice about this is for you drag racers

  • that want to align your front end

  • at a certain front end travel hight

  • you can actually jack the car up, say two inches

  • to simulate the car actually going down the track

  • there you have it, alignment made easy

  • very easy tool to use

  • it will get you on the road after suspension changes until you can get to an alignment shop

  • most of the time when I go its right on the number

  • it works awesome


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Welcome to the fab forums channel


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