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  • In her late twenties, Karen had gotten this very serious operation on her brain.

    20 代後半、カレンは脳への大手術を受けました。

  • The operation was to treat Karen's epilepsy, so her doctors put her to sleep and cut into her brain.


  • And Karen says when she woke up, her speech was a little funny, but basically she felt great.


  • "I had woken up, and I was sitting on the hospital bed, talking to my surgeon, and —"


  • And then all of a sudden, her left hand picked itself up and started moving towards her shirt, started delicately undoing its pearly top button.


  • "My hand was taking my clothes off!"


  • "Taking your clothes off?"


  • "Yeah, my hand was taking my shirt off!"


  • "The surgeon was like, 'Karen? Do you realize what's happening?'"


  • And then, all of a sudden, the hand seemed to get angry.


  • "It was tearing the buttons off the shirt."


  • Karen kept telling it to stop.


  • "Knock it off, knock it off, knock it off."


  • Her surgeon was screaming at her to control it.


  • "Try to make it stop!"


  • I said, "I can't! It won't stop it!"

    私は 「できない!止まらないんです!」って。

  • And then I started to just cry, I just didn't know what to do.


  • When Karen went home from the hospital, the handthis new hand, with a mind of its ownwent with her.

    カレンが退院して自宅に戻ると、その手— 自分の意思を持ったその新しい手も、彼女と行きました。

  • A lot of the time, the hand was okay.


  • But it would also get really upset with her.


  • Like sometimes, when Karen did something it didn't like? "Smacked me, right across my face."


  • "Your own hand?"


  • Her problem, the doctors explained, was Alien Hand Syndrome.


  • See, to cure her epilepsy, they'd had to seperate the two halves of her brain.


  • So, without her corpus callosum, her right hand seemed to be getting directions primarily from her left hemisphere, and her left handthis new alien handseemed to be getting directions primarily from her right hemisphere.

    そのため、脳梁を離断された彼女は、右手は主に左脳から指令を受け、左手— この見知らぬ手は、主に右脳から指令を受けていたようなのです。

  • "Half my brain just didn't particularly care for me too much."


  • Now this is not science, this is just how Karen sees it.


  • She says, she thinks her hand wants her to be more moral.


  • Take, for example, what her alien hand does when she tries to smoke.


  • "When I go to light a cigarette, the hand will either put the cigarette out, or flick the ashes around."


  • And though she's learned to live with itshe's in her fifties nowshe's not always happy with it.

    カレンはその手との付き合い方を学んできたものの、50 代となった彼女は、いつもそれで満足しているというわけではありません。

  • "I understand that you want me to quit, but, cut out the crap."


  • Hanna Rosin, NPR News.

    NPR ニュース。 ハンナ・ロジンがお届けしました。

In her late twenties, Karen had gotten this very serious operation on her brain.

20 代後半、カレンは脳への大手術を受けました。

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エイリアンハンド症候群ってなに?(Alien Hand Syndrome | Invisibilia | NPR)

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