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Get them now. Go, go, go!
Okay, get back, back, back!
Nice! Good job! (Come on, come on, come on!)
Go, go, go.
Got it, got it! …
Cool. Good job. Get 'em, get 'em, get 'em.
Yes? Have you found him?
I've searched a few places. No luck yet.
Almost got it. Go on, quick, quick!
Nice, Xinguang.
Right here, down there.
Get 'em, get 'em! …
Come on, keep up!
Blow up their base!
The number you are trying to reach is not available.
Please try again later.
Get it, get it! Yeah!
Yeah! (Oh, right.)
It's late. Go on home. I'll keep looking.
Down there, get 'em!
Yeah! …
Right here. Come on, quick!
How many points do they have? Check the score.
Looks good, let's go in.
Go, go, go, go! …
There you are!
Get up.
You know what time it is?
Come with me now.
Leave me alone.
You're coming with me.
Let's go.
Stop it!
Now. (Let go!)
Where have you been this whole time?
We didn't know where you went.
We've been worrying ourselves sick.
You didn't even pick up your phone.
Don't you know society's dangerous?
There's burglary, murder, theft, and violence out there.
Don't you know how worried we were?
You're grown up.
Don't you care when people worry? (What do you want from me?)
Why do you even care?
Stop it.
How dare you speak like that?
You think you can argue with us?
I can't believe your gall.
I ought to beat you.
Wait, stop.
We should at least hear him out.
Don't just hit him.
Just look at how he acts. I should beat him.
Those games have ruined his mind.
They made him stay out for days.
If he keeps this up, he'll be ruined.
But why does our son act like this?
We could beat him, scold him,
all of these different things we've tried.
Nothing has worked.
There has to be another way.
Maybe we should try an addiction treatment place.
Maybe they can help him.
Addiction treatment? How could we?
At those places,
they use electric shocks and drugs to stop kids from gaming.
It's harmful to the kids.
I hear it doesn't have any clear benefits.
Some kids come out of it not quite right.
Like they're in a trance, or sometimes they get even stranger.
Some children even died in those addiction treatment centers.
If you send Xinguang there,
you'll be sending him to hell.
I won't agree.
I don't want to send him there to the treatment center, either.
What if it didn't cure him?
Say something happened,
things could just get worse. (Yeah.)
We should just come up with another way.
I don't understand.
How is it that the government turns a blind eye to those with Internet addiction,
not even the Education Department?
Being glued to a computer, how can kids learn?
Have we wasted all that tuition?
That's a good point.
If they all continue their Internet addiction,
nothing good can come from it.
The Communist Party won't help us.
All they care about is collecting taxes,
so they can get wealthier.
They don't care about the common people.
They don't care about the devastation that gaming has caused this generation.
Our son is a victim.
Since they won't help us,
we'll have to find a way to fix this on our own.
Hey, what if we send Xinguang to a private school?
In those, they keep the students supervised,
and they're not allowed to leave campus.
And they can't even have cell phones.
A school like that, maybe he couldn't get online.
What do you think?
The idea is good, but tuition is expensive.
Just how would we pay for that?
I'll think of something.
If we need to pay more to get our son back, we will.
All these private schools are the same.
I'm totally sick of this place. I wanna get out.
Hey, man.
Wanna go to a cafe?
Leave me alone.
You're joking, right?
No way you're getting out. Past those high walls?
That's dumb. (Come on, man.)
Keep dreaming.
I know a way out.
Come here.
The young and the old have congregated.
There are high mountains and steep hills,
dense woods and stands of slender bamboo,
as well as a limpid flowing stream reflecting the surroundings.
We sit by a redirected stream with floating wine goblets.
Although lacking the magnificent sounds of music,
a goblet and a poem …
Do you know why I called you both here?
Take a look at your test results.
These grades are awful.
Didn't you study or try?
Think of your parents.
What would they think of these grades?
And you spend so much time with that Xu Fei.
You want to be like him? A hoodlum?
So? You wanna play tonight?
Yeah. Alright.
I maxed out PvP.
So I'll get the epic arena loot this round.
Cool, alright. (Let's go.)
Yes? Miss Xu, hi.
Hi. I'm afraid your son has skipped his class.
He what?
A classmate saw him jump the wall and leave the school grounds.
Xinguang! Hold on! Stop!
So that's where you've been.
The enemy. Quick, get 'em, get 'em, get 'em.
Here you go. A present from your mom and me.
You like it?
It's great! Thank you, Dad, Mom.
Mom, Dad, I got first place in the singing contest!
That's great.
Well done. I'm proud!
Mom, Dad, I will surely test into a music school.
That sounds great. You'll get in.
When will you stop playing these games?
Hey, you okay? You seem bothered by something.
My son's causing trouble again.
It's just all he does is play games.
Private school doesn't seem to work.
He's always at Internet cafes.
We just don't know what to do.
Huiqin, he's not the only one.
Many kids today are the same way.
Online games have ruined so many these kids in the cafes.
They're just wasting their lives away.
It's a tough problem to solve.
I think there's one way to fix this.
He should start to believe in God.
God is almighty. I know God can help him.
In God?
Can God keep my child from games?
If you truly believe in God,
he will definitely be saved.
I knew someone else whose child had an Internet addiction, too,
almost failed out of school.
When they shared their faith in God with him,
his gaming addiction was finally cured.
Even those struggling with alcohol or drug addiction
have been able to quit with their faith in God.
If you lead your son to God, you can't go wrong.
Is that true?
So in this way my son could really recover.
Hey, how do we do this? I'd love some help.
I'm also new to this, so I don't know much.
How's this?
Tomorrow's our day off.
I can bring my friend over to talk, OK?
Yeah. Come to my place. We'll both listen.
I completely understand how you feel.
A few years ago,
our child was also addicted to online gaming,
every day just playing his games and not studying.
I was at my wit's end.
Back then, I didn't know where to turn.
I was just filled with despair.
I tried thinking of everything to break his addiction.
I did what I was supposed to do, used every trick in the book.
We hit him, and yelled, kept a close eye.
We tried therapy as well and an addiction treatment center.
And nothing would do it.
In those days, I have cried so many tears.
We feel that way.
When I was about to give up hope,
I heard about God from a cousin of mine.
He said God really exists and rules over all things.
Even if life is difficult,
if people pray to God, believe, and rely on God,
God will resolve their problems and help them too.
It's true.
I already knew in my heart God was real.
And when I heard all this,
I felt as though I had found a lifeline.
I knew our child would be saved.
We both started to believe in God.
So then what?
Then, we brought our son with us to participate in meetings
and to rely on God, to tell God our challenges.
At first, he was still addicted to gaming and relapsed,
so we kept praying to God, asking Him to save our child.
We frequently read God's words and communicated the truth with our son,
and the Holy Spirit enlightened and guided us.
Finally, our son began to understand the truth.
He saw the harm of online gaming.
He wanted to get better and grew stronger daily.
He actually started to get tired of online gaming.
Those games were distracting to him and boring, with no meaning at all.
He finally quit gaming and went back to his study.
Later, several classmates tried to get him to start playing games again.
But he refused.
All of this is possible through true faith in God.
So then, those who truly believe in God
can attain God's salvation and break away from Satan.
Your child got better by believing in God.
In that case, our son can get better through faith in God.
Yes, he can.
So, your son believed in God because you wanted it?
Kids just want fun.
She's right.
Surely it's not so simple to get them to believe.
That's right.
What did you tell your child to make him believe in God?
Our Xinguang is glued to his games.
He won't listen to us at all.
We bring it up, he gets angry.
It's difficult to communicate.
How do we make him believe in God? (Yeah.)
You bring up a very good point.
Our son was also the same way at first.
We pleaded with him to stop his gaming to no avail.
Whenever we tried talking to him,
he wouldn't speak, or he'd avoid us or lose his temper.
It was impossible.
We couldn't talk to our son, either.
Later, I heard these special words from God.
Let's read them.
Okay. All right.
I'll read them.
Amen! Thank God.
That's really just spot on. That's how it is.
When we read Almighty God's words,
we learned the source of our problem.
We were enlightened with a way out.
Really. Our lack of communication wasn't just his fault.
As his parents, it was our fault, too.
We played up seniority in front of him,
put on airs, and listed how he was wrong.
But this revealed Satan's disposition.
How was he supposed to react?
Later, we used what God had taught.
We fixed our own attitude and stopped being arrogant.
We spoke to our son from our hearts, just had a chat.
We apologized for our language and behavior we had used in the past.
He saw how we changed with belief in God.
And our son was moved.
It gave him a positive impression.
Slowly, our relationship began to grow warmer,
and his attitude improved.
This let us see how God's words provided a way forward
and solved the real problem. (Yes.)
To have our child believe in God,
we as parents must sincerely believe in God ourselves,
so our son could see the benefits of believing in God himself.
He would see that this path is the right way.
This way, it was easy to let him believe.
So then,
we spoke to him about faith in God and read God's words.
We watched music videos, gospel movies, and others.
At first, even though he would listen to God's words,
he just did it to appease us.
After that, he'd go back to his games. (Yes.)
We frequently prayed to God on this situation
and implored God to save our child. (Right.)
he was willing to read God's words and pray with us. (Yes.)
This way, we led him to believe in God and leave online gaming.
This gives me hope.
This is what we need.
Our problem is we can't communicate with our son.
It's hard to figure out his mood,
and we tend to spoil him.
Seeing him play online games constantly,
we only tried to reprimand, punish him.
From the beginning, we haven't known how to educate him.
After hearing what you said, I feel there's a way.
Thank God!
So he can believe in God, if we believe in God sincerely.
If we understand the truth, then our son can as well.
And bringing him to believe in God won't be hard.
It's such a good idea.
Yeah. Almighty God's words are so practical.
This is where we've been lacking.
I too must stop being such a dad and learn to talk to our son frankly.
This way, our relationship with him will surely improve.
Believing in God is great.
These life challenges can be solved anytime.
It saves us trouble.
Exactly. God's words can solve problems and save people.
Believing in God is the right path and a good thing.
some say the Lord Jesus they believe in is the true God,
that anyone else is not the true God.
What does belief in Almighty God involve?
Yes, please tell us this.
They believe in the Lord, and that the Lord Jesus is Christ.
That's correct.
Christ is God incarnate and is the real God.
God has done three stages of His work to bring salvation.
One stage is done in each age.
For every age of His work, God has a name.
In the Age of Law, God was Jehovah;
Age of Grace, He was the Lord Jesus.
Now in the Age of Kingdom, God's name is Almighty God.
Yes. Yeah.
There is only one God,
but why has He had a different name during each age?
There is some mystery. We'll discuss it later.
What we must know is this:
All three stages are done by the one God.
Though God has a different name,
all of His work is done by one Spirit, the Holy Spirit.
That's right.
So then,
Jehovah, the Lord Jesus, and Almighty God are the same God.
The Lord Jesus is the appearance of Jehovah,
and Almighty God is the appearance of the Lord Jesus.
Regardless of how God's name might change,
it's the same God who does the work.
In the Age of Grace,
the Lord Jesus predicted He would return in the last days.
The Lord Jesus has come again. He is Almighty God.
That's right.
Almighty God's uttered truth and done the judgment in the last days
to purify and transform the people,
to save them from their sins and bring them to God's kingdom,
and to end this dark, evil, old age.
Oh, I see.
We read Almighty God's words and understood some truths.
And now we know why the world is so dark and evil,
and why humans are so corrupt,
why people live with so much suffering and affliction,
what tricks Satan uses to corrupt humanity,
the essence of terrible things like online gaming,
why society makes and promotes, popularizes online gaming,
and the harm it's done to people these days, especially our kids.
Almighty God's words give us clarity in this way.
Please read it to us.
Can I do it?
Turn to page 1187.
These words are well put.
They're wonderfully expressed. (They are.)
Thank God.
Let's watch a video with God's utterances. (Okay!)
How do you feel after hearing these passages from Almighty God?
These words are very realistic and profound.
It's our first time to hear such things.
He's right.
No one else has been able to voice such words.
They're very deep.
Almighty God's utterances are all very true.
They reveal the miserable condition of the human world.
Just look at society.
Do normal relationships even exist?
Is there any real love?
Not anymore.
How many tell the truth these days?
How many are honest?
People now are full of lies, tricks, and deception.
Does anyone still talk about morals?
They don't.
People now don't even have a conscience.
I've even heard the phrase:
How much is conscience worth?
That's right.
They want fame and profit, even killing each other for it.
They say that the human heart is treacherous,
and that is true.
Won't you say living in this world is tiring and full of suffering?
It's full of suffering.
It's tiring.
In our society, dealing with people is dangerous.
If you aren't careful,
someone might get offended by you voicing the truth.
It could result in calamity.
For example, if reporters tell the truth,
they can be charged with selling state secrets.
Many journalists have been locked up in jail for telling the truth.
Some have even been killed for it.
Some who've been wronged seek help from officials only to be beaten.
Those who protest silently are also charged with crimes.
Dissidents who speak to the Central Committee
are charged with toppling the regime,
and those who are Christians are charged with disrupting the social order.
It's true.
So many Christians have been monitored, seized, and arrested
all because of their belief in God.
And some who were arrested have been tortured or even killed.
And the officials are greedy and corrupt;
the bureaucracy is full of dangers.
At every level of government, they plot against each other.
They can't coexist.
And the people? They have no power.
In order to just survive,
they try to curry favor to not get taken advantage of.
It is difficult for them.
That's right. Yeah.
In our society, regular people can't survive.
That's right.
The world has become dark and evil,
but no one can see through to the source of this evil.
We know because we've read God's words.
The world is getting darker and worse,
and morals are getting corrupt.
This is the result of Satan in power, deceiving and corrupting humanity.
For thousands of years,
Satan the devil has constantly used such harmful teachings
as atheism, evolution, and materialism
to corrupt and poison humanity,
to harm people with the cancer of atheism from a young age.
The many lies of devils and great people have become popular wisdom, a way of life,
poisoning the minds of generations.
For example,
"Heaven destroys those who are not for themselves,"
"Those with brains rule over those with brawn,"
"Man dies for money, birds for food,"
"Money makes the world go round."
I've even heard "A real man has venom"
as well as "One's destiny is in his own hands,"
"Knowledge can change your fate,"
"Scholars are at the top of society,"
"Man can conquer heaven and earth,"
"The world has no God, and there's no such thing as a Savior."
These venomous, wicked lies from Satan have corrupted and poisoned humanity.
Satan's philosophies and logic and principles
have been rooted in people's hearts,
causing them to grow more arrogant and wicked,
murderous and crooked and sly.
Satan even uses science, knowledge, and fame and fortune to corrupt people.
Satan uses technology like Internet games to poison people,
and pornography, violence, money, trickery, and other power plays in games
to entice and trap them.
This has led to a great expansion of humanity's ambitions and desires,
making them more like ghosts than people.
Humans have been deeply corrupted by Satan,
so that they all resist God.
They've seen God as the enemy and even nailed Him to the cross.
They've offended God's disposition and been cursed by God.
This has led to disasters of greater scale,
and they have lost God's blessings.
It's the result of Satan's corruption of humanity.
It is.
Now God has come for man's salvation.
God expressed truths to purify and save humanity.
If we accept God's work and read His words every day,
we can understand many truths and see through Satan's ruses.
If we all live according to God's word,
we can break away from Satan's corruption.
We can start on the right path of life and get God's blessings.
And I agree.
Without God's salvation,
we'd live by Satan's philosophy,
and we wouldn't even be human.
Like I used to be,
before I believed,
I read a few books and had knowledge.
I was arrogant as if I was stronger than others.
Even though I knew this world is sinister,
and that people just tried to gain benefits without affection,
I lived according to Satan's philosophies.
I thought they were useful.
Unconsciously, I became more deceitful, a hypocrite.
It was the consequence of Satan's corruption.
Only after I read Almighty God's utterances
did I learn the truth and what life is.
In the past,
I thought knowledge could change a person's fate.
But looking back, I was wrong.
So much human knowledge was produced by Satan's corruption and venom
such as, atheism, evolution, materialism, so on.
This knowledge is full of Satan's poison.
The more people know and accept this,
the more corrupt they are.
It's harder for them to accept the truth,
and they likely see God as the enemy.
Now I see clearly
there's one way of solving man's corruption, one solution,
and that is, to accept God's work, read His utterances, fellowship the truth.
Once people know the truth and admit God's word as truth,
they'll see things based on the truth.
They'll be purified of satanic disposition and rid of Satan's evil fallacies.
Only those people can be purified and saved by God.
Reading Almighty God's words let you understand the truth of things.
You saved yourselves pain and trouble.
That's so great!
If we can get our son to believe in God,
once he knows the truth, he can break his addiction.
Then he'll have a new direction in life,
and we won't need to worry about bad examples.
Yes, we were right to invite you over to talk about faith in God.
Thank God.
After listening to Almighty God's utterances and your testimonies,
I feel our son Xinguang has hope to get better.
Thank God.
Often, I used to ask myself:
Why can't kids end their Internet addictions?
Why is this world more corrupt by the day?
Why is every generation worse than the last?
What could be going on?
To look for the answers,
I read many books about society's problems
and listened to lectures on the Internet explaining social issues.
But no one could say for sure the source of the problems.
Hearing Almighty God's words,
I understand all this is the result of Satan corrupting people.
The only way to know the truth is to believe in God and read His word.
Then we can see through the truth of Satan's corruption
and break away from Satan.
That's right.
You're exactly right.
The purpose of God's work in the last days is to bring man salvation,
God's words can resolve all man's problems.
That's right.
If we do our best to seek the truth, read God's words, and pray more,
we'll obtain truth and life.
We will be qualified to bear God's promise and blessings.
But if we don't read God's words or seek the truth,
only praying to ask God for favors,
that will not bring us God's praise.
I can see the two of you are good people.
If you seek the truth, you will be successful.
You've given so much testimony to God today,
and we are moved.
Starting today, we believe in God.
Thank God!
We will lead our son to read God's words and pray more,
and we welcome you to visit us to communicate God's words.
Then, we'll understand more of the truth.
Sounds great.
We'll definitely come visit you, and we'll pray for you.
Xinguang, come here.
We have something to say.
What for?
Here. Come here.
you've been obsessed with games for a long time.
We have to take some blame.
In the past,
when I saw you playing games all day instead of studying,
I'd get angry.
I scolded and beat you.
I wanted to change you.
I didn't know this would harm our relationship as father and son.
Now your mom and I believe in Almighty God.
We read God's words and now know
that social trends and online gaming come from Satan.
We don't know which demon invented online games,
and who knows how many have been trapped or had their youth destroyed by it.
That's right.
My son, you're one of the victims.
I don't know if you can see this clearly.
Before, we didn't believe in God or understand the truth.
We didn't understand this,
and we didn't know how to help.
The way I treated you was overbearing and arrogant.
I'm so sorry.
Son, we hope you'll listen to Almighty God's words,
believe in Him with us, and walk the right path.
That's right, son.
Hey, I'll show you a music video.
Xinguang, see these kids who believe in God.
They're so happy and lucky.
They always read God's words and sing God's praise.
They aren't online gaming.
They're not fighting each other or being contaminated by bad habits.
Living under God's watchful eye is great.
My son, look at the kids addicted to gaming.
They live inside a virtual world,
seduced by all the violence and pornography on the Internet.
Some kids without money go and commit robbery,
starting a life of crime.
Some play so long, it ruins their health.
Some have even died in cafes.
Tell me, don't you think these are harmful to people?
Xinguang, listen to us. Stop playing games.
Believe in God with us, okay?
I get it. I totally believe. I do. Yeah.
Let's watch another video of God's utterances, okay?
Almighty God's words are so well said.
We're new to this, so we don't know much.
I wish we did.
Long ago, I knew in my heart God existed.
Like the saying goes, "as people act, Heaven watches,"
"God's eye's always on you,"
"what goes around comes around."
This proves the existence of God's rule and that God is righteous.
Another goes, "plans are only, accomplished with Heaven."
"Heaven's plans are bigger."
Those who don't believe still admit there's a God on high.
I truly believe heaven and earth were made by God.
They couldn't have been made by nature.
Our entire universe is God's dominion.
No one can deny this fact.
Xinguang, would you agree?
Xinguang, your dad is right.
Disasters are just getting worse.
Only if we believe in God and gain His protection
will evil spirits not harm us.
That's the meaning of peace and happiness.
Some don't believe in God.
They live under Satan's domain with their sin and corruption.
In order to get fame and fortune,
they fight each other, doing horrible things.
And when they die, they still go to hell.
Don't you think their existence is full of suffering?
Once we believed in God, we started to understand.
There was light in our hearts, and we felt relaxed.
With God, it's the only right path in life.
Oh, sounds good. Be there soon.
Mom, Dad, my friends need me. Gotta go.
Xinguang …
Xinguang, wait.
Cafe again.
Don't worry. We'll pray more and rely on God.
It takes time.
Mom, can we be done for now?
Almighty God is saying the truth.
I know online gaming is bad, but I can't stop it.
I have to play.
Then pray to God for self control.
God will give you strength and help you through this.
Why don't you just rely on God?
'Kay, I get it.
I have homework to do.
Mom, I have homework.
Come on, get out of here. I have homework.
Xinguang! (I'm busy. It's a lot of schoolwork.)
Xinguang! You're playing this again?
Didn't you read God's words?
I've said this before. Satan uses games to hurt people.
What do you get out of it?
Does it have life or truth? Can it help your future?
Don't you know that Satan uses games to control your heart?
It drains your time and energy,
keeps you from work, and wastes your time.
For the past two years,
it's all been games, as if you're possessed.
You never study or play your guitar.
It's like you're becoming a ghost.
This obsession is destroying your will.
But you still never listen.
In two or three years,
you'll be a real adult in your twenties.
If you have no real abilities, where will you work?
How will you find a spouse to start a family?
Won't you have wasted your life away?
You think we can take care of you for the rest of your life?
Almighty God,
my child can't escape the grip of his online gaming addiction,
and we can't do anything about it.
God, if he keeps playing,
he'll completely ruin his life.
God, You are almighty.
Please save my child.
the latest patch unlocked new champions in the free lineup,
and they look awesome.
I think I'm still gonna use Monkey though.
Hey, where are you?
They released an update. Get over here! I'm going in now.
Xinguang …
Oh no!
Feng Hao! Feng Hao, wake up! Wake up, Feng Hao!
Go get help. Wake up! Hurry! Please! Feng Hao! …
Doctor, please how is my child? (How is he?)
I'm so sorry! We did all that we could!
Haohao! Wake up! Wake up, Haohao!
Haohao! You need to wake up!
How will your mom live without you?
Ma! Save me! Ma!
Xinguang, wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
Son, what's wrong?
Another nightmare?
Here, have some water.
It's okay.
Ma, it was just horrible.
Feng Hao and I were playing the game,
playing and playing till I passed out.
A huge monster grabbed my leg.
It was pulling me into a deep pit.
Mom, I was terrified!
Oh son, don't worry.
Your dad and I are both here now.
Since you believe in God, call out to Almighty God,
then Satan will not dare get close to you anymore.
Only Almighty God can save us!
In the past, we kept urging you to stop gaming,
you wouldn't listen to us.
Now do you understand how dangerous it is to play these games?
If you don't start praying to Almighty God and reading His words,
things will get much worse for you.
Then no one will be able to save you!
Ma, I've tried to quit gaming,
but I can't control myself!
My son, we understand.
We know a gaming addiction's not easy to break. (Right.)
Your mom and I can't help.
Only God can save you from this gaming addiction!
Do you understand?
Dad, can God really help me to stop?
Yes, of course! (Yes! He really can!)
God's indeed almighty.
You haven't experienced God's work,
so you don't know He's almighty. (Yes.)
If you open your heart to pray to God,
and voice all of your troubles to Him,
and earnestly implore Him to save you,
then God will listen to your prayers. (Right.)
He'll then enlighten you to the truths in His words. (Yes.)
Once enlightened, then you will see that
playing games on the Internet is boring.
It's a worthless activity, a waste of youth.
That's right, Xinguang.
All this Internet gaming has simply ruined people's lives!
Once you see the truth of this,
you'll grow annoyed with games and hate gaming.
You'll find it boring, insipid, a big waste of time. (Right.)
You'll have the strength to turn your back on gaming forever.
It will not take long before God saves you and breaks you from your addiction.
It's true, son.
Let's read a few passages of Almighty God.
You'll realize only God can save us from the afflictions of Satan.
Xinguang, read this passage.
Here, I'd like to read.
now that we've read Almighty God's words,
do you understand God's will?
The work God does is to bring salvation,
so we can break from Satan's corruption as well as sin, (It's true.)
so that we can be purified and saved!
If we don't truly believe in God,
seek the truth, and forsake the evil desires of the flesh,
then can we be saved by God?
In order to save humanity,
God has spoken many words, expressed many truths,
and performed much work.
Aren't these manifestations of God's love?
If we do not read Almighty God's words or accept the truths He expresses,
do we have faith in God?
Right. Take you for example.
You say you believe, yet you don't read His words, or pray or rely on God.
You cannot forsake the flesh or quit gaming.
Is this faith in God?
If we're distant from God and neglect to read His words,
and we ignore His will,
then can God watch over and protect us?
Look at those who do not believe in God and cling to the pleasures of sin;
the path they walk is the path to destruction.
Feng Hao did not believe and was always playing games.
Wasn't he led to death by Satan?
If you don't pray and rely on God,
you won't be able to break this gaming addiction.
That's true, son.
If you can't break from Satan's harm,
then Satan will continue to plague you.
God's words have stated it all very clearly for us.
As for what you yourself will choose, it's up to you.
Dad, Mom, I've been wrong.
When I said I believed,
it was so you'd stop nagging.
I didn't truly believe in God.
I didn't read God's words carefully,
and I didn't pray.
I just kept gaming.
Therefore, I was harmed by Satan.
Now I see how practical God's words and work are.
They help us understand truth and grasp real issues.
This is the sole way to break from Satan and be saved.
Now I know that the reason why I can't quit gaming
is that I don't understand the truth,
and that's why I can't forsake the flesh. (Right!)
I will from now on carefully read God's words, pray and listen to the truth.
I know soon I'll be able to break my gaming addiction.
Yes. Indeed.
Dad, Mom, please don't worry!
My son, today you've finally spoken from the heart.
If you truly can believe in God, I'll stop worrying.
Xinguang, what you've just said has moved me deeply.
There is hope for my son! (Yes!)
Thank God!
God loves us so much. Let us pray together.
I haven't seen you online in forever.
I haven't really seen you around anywhere.
What's going on? Where've you been?
Come on and hang out.
Everyone's waiting for you.
Oh, I'm studying now. I can't.
Come on! I haven't seen you in days!
Have you turned into some kind of goody-two-shoes?
Don't burn your brain out!
Hey, listen to this.
At seven o'clock tonight, I'm going to upgrade my gear.
If you don't get online soon,
I'll go up a rank and blow past you! (Hurry up! Come on!)
OK. I'm coming.
Alright, I gotta go now.
They're all waiting for me.
Remember, don't be late!
If I don't get online and upgrade my gear tonight,
I'll definitely get knocked down a notch.
It took me so long to get to level 110.
But I already prayed to God and said that I wouldn't play anymore.
I'll just play once more.
After I upgrade to the next level,
I'll stop playing for good!
Dumb computer crashed!
Almighty God!
I know playing games is bad,
but I grasp too little of the truth,
so I couldn't resist Satan's lure, and I played.
Now I feel so anxious and bad!
Please, God, I beg You to save me.
Xinguang, what's wrong?
You look so depressed.
If you are, don't keep it in.
Open up and talk to us about it.
That's right, Xinguang.
If something's bothering you, then just say it.
We can all read God's words and fellowship truth.
God's words can solve all of our difficulties!
Tell us, Xinguang.
I'm embarrassed about it.
I played online again.
A few days back, a friend called and challenged me.
I couldn't say no.
Soon as I started, I couldn't stop.
Had my computer not crashed, I would have kept playing.
I'm scared I can't break my addiction.
Now I've no idea what to do.
Xinguang, don't worry.
I used to be obsessed with online gaming, too.
Then I relied on God's words, and I prayed,
and in time I could stop.
God once communicated something related to breaking gaming addiction.
We'll read a few passages.
Then those who've broken addiction can bear testimony.
Does that sound good? (Yes.)
Xinguang, why don't you read.
I'd like to read next. ('Kay.)
Reading Almighty God's words,
we begin to see the true nature and the harm of online gaming, right?
Yeah. Right.
Why is it that as soon as people get hooked to online gaming,
they loose control?
This is an addiction,
an addiction that's a type of demon, an evil spirit that entices and controls.
This is why they can't break from it. (Right.)
It's just like the gambling demons, the tobacco, alcohol,